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Hot Dogs for a Cause

Sigma Nu Fraternity and the Kappa Alpha Order held their first hot dog eating contest at UWG on March 16. The two fraternities held this event in order to earn money for their philanthropies, which are the Educational Foundation and to fight against Human Trafficking.

            At the event guests were able to buy hot dogs, chips and drinks. Many of the spectators were excited to watch the four competitors at the hot dog eating contest.

“I’ve been looking forward to the competition all week,” said competitor, Hunter Vaughn. “I have a strategy. I ate a big dinner yesterday, so my stomach is already stretched out a little. I haven’t eaten anything at all today. And then I have also been watching hot dog eating strategy videos on YouTube all morning.”

            The contestants looked nervous and excited when it came time for the start of the competition. Two of the contestants were representing Kappa Alpha Fraternity and the other two were representing Sigma Nu Fraternity. The competitors had 10 minutes to eat as many hot dogs as they could. Each contestant got a plate of around 13 hot dogs to start and then there was an extra plate if any one needed it. 

Out of the four competitors, only two seemed legitimately trying to win the competition—Brandon Price and Hunter Vaughn—both brothers of the same fraternity. Six minutes into the competition, Vaughn had two hot dogs on his plate left and Price had three on his plate and one in his hand. It was neck and neck, but at this time it seemed that Price felt fine because of the look on his face. Price in the end was defeated and Vaughn was crowned the first Kappa Nu Hot Dog Eating Champion of 2021.

            “At the end of the day, I have been preparing for this competition since I found out about it,” continued Vaughn. “Brandon just decided when he got here he wanted to compete and had eaten at least three times already today. He was great competition, honestly kudos to him for eating as many hot dogs as he did having already eaten today. But I was more prepared. I am very excited to be the first Kappa Nu Hot Dog Eating Champion.”

            Vaughn received a “Glizzy Champion” crown, as well as a Hot Dog Eating Trophy. At the end of the event, Sigma Nu Fraternity and the Kappa Alpha Order were able to raise over $1,200 for both fraternities, totaling $2,400. The members of each fraternity are thrilled with how successful the event was and look forward to having the same competition in the future.



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