“Hotel Transylvania: Transformania” Review

“Hotel Transylvania” released its fourth series production in “Transformania”. The movie is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.

This movie is a continuation of the prior three movies, with the last one being released in 2018. Sadly, “Hotel Transylvania:Transformania” is the final production of the animated series.

The casting of this film was a bit different from the previous ones as Adam Sandler does not act as Dracula. Brian Hill is the replacement actor for Sandler. Selena Gomez returns to act in the movie as Mavis, Dracula’s daughter. She also became a producer of the movie for the first time.

The animation in “Hotel Transylvania:Transformania” was very bright and advanced. The detail that the animator used was remarkable as it enhanced the roleplay of the characters.

This last and final film makes the viewer feel the rush of all the “Hotel Transylvania” films. With the storyline, the characters and the action, you wouldn’t really need to watch the other movies for this film. The plot is just that much refreshing and clear. After four years since the release of “Hotel Transylvania 3”, the impact this movie has had since it came out has been astonishing.

The relationship between Dracula and his son-in-law, Johnny, was not quite great in the movie. They both had different characteristics. Dracula was more reserved and anxious, and Johnny was enthusiastic and adventurous. Mavis was going to be the next person to reign over Hotel Transylvania at the 125th anniversary after Dracula. The problem with that, though, was that Dracula was not too sure about Johnny being a part of that. Johnny and Mavis are married, and Dracula did not trust Johnny due to his upbeat personality.

Johnny visits Van Helsing, who possesses a magical transforming ray. Helsing uses the ray on Johnny and he turns into a monster. The ray hits Dracula and suddenly he becomes a human who is sensitive to sunlight. The magical ray breaks and the only way for Dracula and Johnny to return to their regular selves is to go on a road trip to South America to find another one. This trip makes Dracula and Johnny realize how different their realities were as different beings.



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