How to Survive Cuffing Season

Cuffing season refers to the months October-January. It is the time when some are coming to the realization that they are single and want somebody to cuddle up with at night. Some take it as a time to go out and find a boyfriend or girlfriend. Some relationships might last through the season and others end but there are some of us who have no one to cuff during cuffing season (which is not always a bad thing).

So you may be asking, how is it possible to make it through “cuffing season” without being cuffed? Everywhere you go, you see happy couples, relationship posts on Instagram, plus it seems like all your friends have some found that special someone and you’re just the single friend. Well, I’ve got a few suggestions for you. First thing, understand there is nothing wrong with being single. That is the time for you to do some soul searching to find out who you really are.

This is the time for you to figure out what makes you happy. You should use this time to achieve some short term goals like may be finding a job or even reading a book.

Most people make the mistake of hopping into relationships only because they’re lonely. That is a big mistake and you don’t want to put that burden on yourself.

Secondly, get out and make some new friends! The more you keep yourself involved, the less time you have to think about personal problems. Also, you never know whom you may meet once you start hanging out. You could start yourself on a workout plan so when the summer gets here you will be summer-time fine.

Lastly, don’t make yourself seem too available. I see this every day on Twitter/Instagram. Girls and guys advertising how lonely they are or how they wish they had someone to cuddle with—that is never a good look. Everything you put on social media is a representation of you so if you’re looking for something serious, I wouldn’t advise it.

Just keep in mind these next couple of months to always love you first; self-happiness is the best feeling in the world.



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