HRL has annual Safe Treat

Safe Treat is an annual event at UWG that lasts two hours and takes place on campus the week before Halloween. Housing and Residence Life host this event while many on-campus organizations volunteer to give candy to children in the community.


Moments before Safe Treat began, UWG students put out pumpkins they carved. Families could take these pumpkins home if they please.


At the start of Safe Treat there was a child dressed as a cake running around and grabbing as much candy as she could with her siblings. The children of the Lang family were overwhelmed with joy as they took a trip to each table to trick or treat.


The Skinner family attends the yearly festivities. This is where they conduct their trick or treating while enjoying games and raffles.


The Hofius family decided that this year was a great year to be a family of hotdogs. Mrs. Hofius is a graduate of the university and has witnessed many Safe Treats. She decided to bring her family back to enjoy an event that she knows all too well.


The Jerome family decided that Safe Treat was the best place to bring their little one dressed as Scooby to get some Scooby snacks.


This little guy, dressed as a race car, was ready to speed past everyone so he could grab what was left of candy at each table while his smiling Hulk companion seemed finished for the night. The Hawig family returned to Safe Treat as they do each year.


This year was the best year for the cast of Star Wars to make an appearance at Safe Treat.



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