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Ingram Library Kicks off 2022 with Bi-Weekly Book Club

The Ingram Library on UWG campus is hosting a book club for students this semester. Visit the library for more information on how to sign up.

Lori Dixon-Leach, Associate Cataloger and Book Club Host, started the book club as an escape for students that still wanted to socialize while at home during the 2020 pandemic. After the book club completes a book, the book club offers those students that participated in the book club recommendations for the following semesters.

The book club’s first meeting was Tuesday, Feb. 8 at 6 p.m. with the guests meeting either online via Google Meet or in person at the Ingram Library. For students to be eligible to receive a free copy provided by the library, students must attend at least one session of the live book club meeting either online or in person. Students are encouraged to wear masks for in-person meetings.

“We encourage students that would like to join to sign up for the book club or students can scan our flyers around the library to join in on the book club,” says Dixon-Leach. “We encourage students to come and pick up their free copies because the copies are first come, first serve. If a student is unable to retrieve a copy, in addition, the books that the book club reads are also in the library available for check out.”

Students can share their different types of perspectives and experiences that may relate to the book. Students are able to feel included and the club is just for students only.

The book club is currently reading “In the After” by Demitria Lunetta which is a thriller. The book club changes to another genre after each read and after at least one session, students enjoy the book even more. During the book club meetings, students can openly share ideas about the book and how they interpreted the book to be. This allows for students to form new connections and learn different interpretations of each read.

“Every book that we read is different from the last,” says Dixon-Leach. “We like to include books with different characters because in the real world, people are different. We believe by doing this, we can represent everyone, and everyone feels included in each book that we read. Through this book club, we discover a lot of new authors from different cultural backgrounds and locations.

“We want as many students as possible to participate,” continues Dixon-Leach. “We offer virtual and in-person sessions so that it fits better into everyone’s participating schedules. If you are at home, a commuter student or at home sick, we would still like for you to participate.”



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