Insight From a Budding Actress: Jayla Myers

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Many times, movie and television show fans get the scoop on their favorite stars when the stars have already reached their peak or are getting close to it. Witnessing the glitz and glam of red carpets and award shows can be exciting, but it is refreshing to hear the story of an actress who is in her early stages before that big break.

Jayla Myers may not be at the top just yet, but she certainly has the passion and motivation to not only reach it, but to crush it. While majoring in theater at Clayton State University, Myers has been involved in several productions, including the hit television show Star.

“I haven’t reached that glamorous point,” said Myers. “I know actors love what they do, but I do think most of it is false besides playing dress up and going to events.”

While Myers does not have a very lengthy resume in theater, she has enough to understand that being a part of the entertainment business is not always fun like many may think. It is no secret that many people hold on to certain stereotypes that they feel fit the average actor.

“A lot of people think we’re weird and loud,” said Myers. “Some think we’re stuck up and introverted, but the introverted part is false. A lot of us are very social and outgoing.”

Although these stereotypes are not totally negative, it is still important to have an open mind and not box anyone in. Typically, young adults have a solid idea of what they want for their career path. Teachers and mentors, for example, strongly encourage young adults to have a plan B in today’s competitive job market. However, Myers admits that for her, there is no plan B.

“I honestly can’t see myself doing anything else,” said Myers.

As it relates to her acting career, Myers is fully aware that a considerable amount of time may pass before casting directors start accepting her to play roles. However, she is eager to accept other theater and film jobs. She is also open to aiding with costume and wardrobe design.

“I’m taking a directing class,” said Myers. “It was required for my major, but I felt it would be a great way for me to gain experience in case I ever go that route.”

Writing is something Myers isn’t too fond of, but she entertains the idea of writing in the future.

“It really depends on how I feel,” said Myers. “Most of the time I have to write for an assignment, which takes the fun away, but maybe in the future I will.”

Like many professional actresses, Myers strongly believes that you should always thoroughly prepare for an audition and try to make your performance memorable.

“You have to understand exactly what roles you are seeking and what you are auditioning for,” Myers said. “Also consider having several monologues, singing clips, and other acting clips ready to show alongside your resume because you can never be too prepared.”

In the trying and doubtful moments, Myers does not hesitate to acknowledge the realities of feeling inadequate, especially in such a competitive job market.

“You have to force yourself to stand out,” Myers said. “Don’t compare yourself to others. Try not to get discouraged by thinking your own talent is not good enough, especially while being surrounded with those who have tons of it.” 

Being successful in the film industry also means having a lot of patience, discipline and persistence. Those in the film industry shouldn’t be afraid of the word no. Instead, they should use it as their driving force to seek out the word yes. Being open and versatile is what casting directors love. As an actor, an individual should adapt to different ideas and situations and get into their innermost being because that is what brings out the best auditions and roles.

Myers wants the best for herself as a young female actress. She also encourages those just like her to be productive, confident and aggressive about seeking the work they desire. “Before expecting someone to take you seriously, you must take yourself seriously first,” Myers said. “You have to be confident in what you have to offer. I love being able to show off my talent. Getting recognized and praised for the work I put forth is a great feeling.



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