UREC Adds Additional Sports

Photo Credit: UREC

To the average student, the University’s Campus Center is seemingly a building that just so happens to double as a gym. But underneath the complex inner-workings is a program that is making strides to create a more eventful student social life.

The program, UREC, short for University Recreation, uses offices in the Campus Center, which is where most of their community-oriented activities are held.

Activities offered by UREC include Zumba, Yoga and the newly introduced Piloxing class. Piloxing is a fusion of Pilates and boxing and is just one of the innovative ideas keeping UWG fit.

UREC also offers a selection of fitness programs, like WOLF 90x and the University’s rendition of “The Biggest Loser.”

Usually, mentioning fees is a deal killer; however, the price is reasonable. Intramural sports are also included on this list of activities that are separate from tuition costs.

Flag football and volleyball are in currently in season, with Ultimate Frisbee and soccer to begin later on in the fall semester. Intramural sports student director, Joey Garrison, said that flag football is the most popular.

“Football and basketball are probably our biggest, just because those sports are so big down here,” Garrison said. “But we would love to see soccer and Frisbee grow as well.”

In the spring, UWG will offer basketball, 4-on-4 flag football, volleyball and softball as intramural sports. In reference to the spring semester, Garrison was also excited to speak about some upcoming and potentially upcoming activities.

“This spring we will be hosting the biggest event we have ever had,” he said. “A basketball tournament that brings people from all over Georgia; it’s exciting.”

UREC is also excited to bring in students for a weeklong basketball tournament. These students will come from: the University of Georgia, Georgia State University, Georgia Southern University, Georgia Institute of Technology and Valdosta State University.

UREC is currently in the process of creating a webpage for this event, which should be available within the next two weeks. The event, a basketball official’s workshop, will be hosted by UWG and will take place Jan. 10 and will last until Jan. 15.

Dodgeball is a sport that Garrison wants to get started for the students.

“We tried to get that done for this year, but we had some issues with the budget.”

Another plan that UREC has been pushing for is to bring back old intramural sports.

“We are also trying to bring tennis back,” said Garrison.

Unfortunately, the costs for equipment and other budget limitation have impeded the momentum of this initiative.

As the UWG student body continues to grow so does participation in intramural sports and other activities offered by UREC; “as the University grows so do our programs, and from a success point of view, that’s what you want,” said Garrison.

The increasing number of participants is an indicator of UREC’s success in creating student interest in community activities. Showing a willingness to listen to the student is what has kept UREC relevant and continuing to do so will ensure their growth.



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