Issa Fashion Party

On March 28, 2019, UWG’s Models and Business organization (MAB) came through to show us what 2019 is supposed to be all about with their Issa Fashion Party event.  The coordinator for this event was Models and Business President, Tatianna Scavella. 

 “Issa Fashion Party is the MAB version of a silent headphone party,” states Scavella. “We’re gonna have pop-runways. It’s gonna be so dope.  

 With Issa Fashion Party being the very first event of its kind, students were in for something unexpected. MAB gave the beginning of UWG’s spring events something new and fresh. 

 “I said I am graduating May 9. Let’s go out with a bang,” explains Scavella. “We’ve never done a large scale April event. Me and my eBoard, we put our minds together, and this is what we came up with.” 

 The event had a glow-in-the-dark type atmosphere. Students were given a set of colored headphones when they walked in the door, either blue, green or red. Each set of headphones was connected to the DJ booth so that all the students were listening to the same music. It was the same feel as a normal party, just through headphones.  

 “Everybody interacts with each other. It’s literally a party,” states Scavella. 

 After the party had gone on for about thirty minutes or so, models strutted the runway with their own set of silent headphones. The models showed confidence and interacted with each other while hitting the runway.  

 Not only were the aesthetics of the show different, but the style of how the pop-up runways were constructed was different as well. In the beginning, females models entered, four or five at a time, with them putting on a mini strut in unison and turning to leave for the next set.  

 “[I want the UWG community to be able] to fellowship honestly. I just think this is going to be a really good turnout, because of UWG’s ability for everybody to get together and have a really good time. That’s what I really wanted to see,” said Scavella. 

 This event gave the students of West Georgia the success and fun that 2019 is all about. The UWG community really came out and showed their support.  



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