It’s Eclectic: Updates coming to UWG’s Literary Magazine

     The UWG Eclectic is a literary magazine that is published and ran by UWG students. On Nov. 12, the editing team met to discuss new advances for the publication, including the development of a new website, as well as entries and cover selections for the 2019 edition.  

     The Eclectic is UWG’s platform for undergrad students to publish their content. Whether it be print or multimedia, the Eclectic provides a way to stay diverse, and allows all students to have an opportunity to showcase their talents. Now, the editors are working on a new way to further the publication’s ability to diversify, as well as make content more accessible to the public.  

     “The Eclectic is ran by students, for students, so we want it to be very accessible to students,” said Hannah Page, a co-editor of the Eclectic. “The website is the best way to do that.” 

      The website will allow students who are filmmakers, musicians and performers to enter their pieces as well. In the past, some of this was included in a CD – ROM, but the website is more cost-efficient and accessible to those who may not have access to the physical copies of the publication. 

      The team is currently trying to make the Eclectic more diverse by adding more mediums of art. Currently, most of the submissions are creative writing pieces.  

    “Last year we had an interdepartmental editor who is in charge specifically in contacting professors of all departments,” said Page. “Now, that’s work that all of us do. We want to make sure that Eclectic stays eclectic.” 

     The process of selecting the pieces that go into the magazine is a long one. The editors begin by announcing that they are accepting submissions before reaching out to professors in different departments for suggestions.  

      “Editors will comment their opinions on the pieces,” said Caleb Howard, co-editor of the Eclectic. “Sometimes we reject them outright, but we all debate on each piece to make sure we have the best collection possible. In the past, we’ve had people from various departments help with the music and art so we can have informed decisions.” 

      The Eclectic will continue to accept submissions until Jan. 25, 2019 and encourage students from any department to submit their work.  

      “It’s really exciting and cool to be a part of an undergrad creative writing publication,” said Page.  “Before you graduate you can get experience with editing and it’s really cool to see the different submissions from my fellow classmates. I’m like, ‘wow, we’re really talented.’”



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