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Keeping Up With Kroll

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Imagine doing one thing for the rest of your life. Nick Kroll, who is best known as Ruxin from the FX show “The League,” is married to his work in comedy. He makes a living doing something he really loves, something most people never get to do. His hard work now has him at the helm of his own program.

After doing standup and other various acting roles for many years, Nick has earned the rare opportunity of writing and starring in his own comedy show. “Kroll Show,” which airs on Comedy Central every Wed. at 10:30 p.m., is Nick’s very own creation. The show is a sketch series featuring new and old characters based on Nick’s previous stand-up specials. Every episode is separated into three different sketch premises based around various characters from the show. Although the only main cast member on the show is Nick, expect multiple appearances throughout the season from comedians such as Fred Armisen, Ed Helms, and Andy Milonakis.

“Kroll Show” has been in development for years. After pitching the idea three years ago, the pilot was green-lit and shot in April 2011. The show was finally picked up in 2012 and given a full season order. A lot of the material for the show comes from Nick’s stand-up special, “Thank You Very Cool.” “There was no real agenda,” Nick said about the show during a phone interview. “We really just went with whatever started us, making us laugh in the room.” Nick believes writing his own show will allow for more freedom and creativity. The first season will consist of eight episodes and a second season is currently in development.

Nick first discovered his love for comedy while he was in college as he started doing sketches and improv shows. “I did a sketch show at the end of my freshman year, joined the improv group the next year, and it was something I fell in love with,” said Nick. He would attend and host as many comedy events as possible, which allowed him to hone his stage skills and confidence. Two of his first writing credits were with “The Chappelle’s Show” and “Human Giant.” Along with starring in “The League,” he has appeared in shows such as “Parks and Recreation” and currently voices Stu on the HBO animated series “The Life & Times of Tim.”

Even with all his success, nothing was guaranteed with comedy. What would have happened if he never got into writing? “Honestly, I have no idea. The only thing I’ve ever loved doing, the only hobby I’ve ever had, was comedy,” said Nick. “Sometimes if I don’t have anything going on at night, I’ll go out to the comedy clubs, or go see a movie with some of my buddies and riff on some new ideas, or watch TV.” With the expansion of social media, Nick is now surrounded by comedy, something he is always cherishing. “There are now hundreds of different ways to be funny. So even when it is not necessarily serving my career, I just love cracking jokes.”



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