Kyle Marrero: Gone West, Going South

The University System of Georgia’s Board of Regents named Dr. Kyle Marrero the President of Georgia Southern University on Jan. 17, 2019.   

Marrero has served as UWG’s President since 2013, bringing new updates and record-setting graduation numbers throughout his presidency. Reflecting back on his time at UWG, Marrero says that he feels his impact has been made here. 

“We knew this was coming,” said Marrero. “As I look from the outside in, knowing UWG, with the leadership in place and the great strides being made, this might just be the best opportunity for me to see if I can make an impact somewhere else.” 

Beginning as a performer, and eventually an instructor, director and an administrator, Marrero follows his calling —  impacting the lives of those around him. 

“I’m a bit of an unlikely president, in terms of pathway,” said Marrero. “As you get a little older, your life zigs-zags and you do this here and that there … but the connector, for me, was always impacting others’ lives … The thrill line is always to impact others more than yourself — to help others grow.” 

Since 2013, Marrero has helped the campus grow with record-breaking enrollment and graduation rates. Also since Marrero’s genesis on campus, UWG has had some major upgrades; from new bike lanes and buildings, to new programs and parking, Dr. Marrero and his team have worked hard to try to keep the campus up to date and constantly improving.  

“There’s been things that I think ‘This has just done it; this is incredible,’” said Marrero. “The new College of Business building … that was the largest gift commitment in the history of the University of West Georgia. That’s really exciting because I know what that building is going to mean to the students and faculty. Achieving record degrees conferred last year, seeing that success and culmination of success … These numbers indicate an entire team- coordinated effort towards your success, and that’s incredible.” 

Though Marrero is on his last leg of his time at UWG, he says there is still work to be done. 

“We’re working continually on a strategic plan and a vision to be the best comprehensive university in America,” said Marrero. “To be the best place to work, study and succeed, so with that, it’s not just a plan that just goes through 2020, but it’s also one that has annual goals and also one that has 90-day goals.  

“I want to make sure the funding for the College of Business gets through the legislative process,” said Marrero. “That’s critically important for us.” 

Marrero’s time here at UWG has come to an end, but he has left a lasting impact on the students, faculty, campus and community. 

“What I want this community and the faculty, staff and students to know, is my heartfelt thanks for their continued care and nurturing, and allowing me to lead in unconventional ways and allowing me to be a partner with them in who and what we are and I want to encourage them to continue on this journey,” said Marrero. “I expect to see great things from them.” 

Although Marrero’s presidency at UWG ends April 1, 2019, more than a month before Spring Commencement, the plans for his successor are still unclear. 




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