Photo courtesy of Marivel Chavarria

Leading the Pack: Marivel Chavarria Dreams of Success in Business

Marivel Chavarria is a graduate assistant in the Richards College of Business. She is currently pursuing a Master’s in Business Administration in Management. Her primary goal is to enter the consulting field once she obtains her degree.

For the majority of her life, Marivel has been actively engaged in extracurriculars that deal with business and management. This has shaped her career goals and put her on the path to success.

“Currently I am in my first semester of graduate school,” said Marivel. “I plan on entering the consulting field when I graduate in 2021.

“In high school I participated in the Future Business Leaders of America and realized that business was the career path I wanted to take,” continued Marivel. “In college, I enjoyed my business classes and attending events of successful UWG alumni who motivated me to continue working towards my goal.”

Not too long after attending UWG, Marivel joined the Management Club. In 2019 she was voted the president. Although she is a graduate student, she remains president of the organization.

Photo courtesy of Marivel Chavarria

“In 2019 I became the president of the Management Club at UWG,” said Marivel. “This was a huge opportunity and I gained immense knowledge about university organizations and how to work with a group of college students to host events and meetings to help the business college.

“This semester as club president has been challenging because of the pandemic and its effects on attendance rates,” continued Marivel. “Despite the challenges, I increased club membership from zero members to 27 members in a span of three months. I am very proud of my accomplishments as president.”

Marivel is a self-driven individual who is willing to do anything it takes to grow in her field. She is an introvert who does not often enjoy speaking in front of large crowds. However, she has taken a few courses to help strengthen her ability to speak publicly.

“Public speaking is a weakness that I have been working to improve in college,” said Marivel. “I am an introvert, so it was difficult for me to speak in front of a big audience, so I took a few public speaking courses to improve.”

Sometimes once an individual graduates it can be very overwhelming when making the transition between having guidance and support to being completely on your own. Therefore, Marivel is actively seeking for a mentor who will not only help her stay on track, but to also help make the transition less stressful.

“I am seeking a mentor in the consulting industry to guide me through the interview process and career search,” said Marivel.

Within the next few months Marivel will be working towards obtaining a position as a Management Consultant in a Big 4 consulting firm. After doing some work in the firm, she then plans to build her own firm from the ground up.

“Using my knowledge gained from my time at UWG and internships, I will be able to assess and help businesses improve their operation and management processes,” said Marivel. “I plan on opening my own consulting firm by the age of 35.”



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