Photo Credit: Hilary Sigler

Local Artists Recognized at Mecca Fest

Photo Credit: Hilary Sigler
Photo Credit: Hilary Sigler

Local Carrollton residents, students of the University of West Georgia and residents from surrounding counties and states all flocked to partake in the festivities that Mecca Fest had to offer this past weekend. The festival welcomed all ages and even had child friendly art projects for the younger attendees. Festivalgoers also had to chance to observe this year’s 3-D chalk artist, Mike Macaulay, construct an Incredible Hulk piece on a portion of the sidewalk in front of the Carrollton Cultural Arts Center. The crowd was also joined by live sculptures that were created by performance artist, Mark Abbati. Mecca Fest was hosted by the Carrollton Cultural Arts Center and was free and open to the public.

Mecca Fest is an annual fine arts and crafts festival that gives artists the opportunity to display their talent and artwork to the people of Carrollton. This year marked the 11th annual Mecca Fest in Carrollton, Ga. The artists that attend Mecca Fest are selected by a jury process that occurs several months before the festival.

“The festival unites our artists with the community,” said Penny Lewis, Director of the Carrollton Cultural Arts Center. “The community assists by hosting an artist in their home, or purchasing a Patron award or simply by attending the festival. Through these means, Carrollton residents have an opportunity to be a major important part of the festival.”

“By bringing wonderful artists from across the country, providing free admission and entertainment and awesome demonstrations and children’s activities, is our gift back to our community for supporting the arts,” she also said.

Many UWG students and faculty were in attendance at Mecca Fest, both as spectators and as volunteers. Several UWG departments and organizations have been volunteers at Mecca Fest in past years, while other organizations just began to volunteer this year. Each department was there to provide a different job for the festival.

Photo Credit: Hilary Sigler
Photo Credit: Hilary Sigler

“We have several opportunities for UWG students to volunteer,” Lewis said. “Some assisted with the Children’s Art booths. In fact, the UWG Art Education department provided two of the free children’s art booths. The UWG Music department has provided entertainment over the years, such as the Jazz Ensemble. TKE Fraternity has provided security for the event for 11 years.”

“Last year, the UWG Theatre department provided roaming puppeteers that delighted the crowds. We have had a long history of UWG student involvement,” she also said. “Independent of any on campus organization, we also have students who contact us to volunteer. We welcome them all.”

Lewis encourages all UWG students interested in volunteering to contact her at or at 770-838-1083. Students can also visit her office at the Carrollton Cultural Arts Center.



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