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Media Day: 40 Years of Tradition

Since 1982, Media Day has focused on student success and preparing students for the workforce beyond the University of West Georgia. This year’s event brings students two days of guest panelists, interactive workshops and networking opportunities.

            Formally known as the Department of Mass Communication, the SCFM owes much of its continued success to the innovators who laid the foundation. The late Dr. Chester Gibson was a long standing faculty member at UWG starting in 1971, serving as a faculty member of the Mass Communication department and later the department chair for over 30 years. Under his leadership, Dr. Gibson led UWG to create a national name for itself in debate with 27 National Debate Tournament qualifications.

In 1982, Dr. Gibson founded Media Day as a way to bring professionals on campus to meet students and network. Since then, Media Day has continued to grow as one of the largest on-campus networking events bringing in dozens of companies and organizations from across the state to meet exclusively with UWG students.

After postponing the 2021 Media Day and hosting the event online, 2022 has brought Media Day back in full force. For the first time, Media Day will span over the course of two days.

“We are excited to offer programming across two days for our students and in the future, we may evolve into a full Media Week,” said Dr. Brad Yates, Dean of the SCFM. “Our goal is to continue to grow and expand the opportunities for our students to become career-ready.”

Dr. Yates began his career at UWG in 2000 and has since served as chair of the Media Day Steering Committee six times since. Within his 22 years at UWG, he has seen Media Day contribute to students gaining professional experience with internships and entry-level career positions in PR, broadcasting, journalism, telecommunications and film.

            “For me, the greatest impact that comes from Media Day is the fact that the event ignites a passion in students for their future careers,” said Dr. Yates. “Our invited professionals, who are typically UWG alumni, inspire our students and motivate them to pursue their career goals and work hard to break into the communication, film, or media industries.”



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