Media Day committee shares tips for networking session

Media Day provides mass communications students a chance to connect and learn from media professionals in their concentrated area. One of the activities students can partake in during Media Day is the networking session. Bradford Yates, co-coordinator for the networking session and Professor of Mass Communications, and Chris Renaud, Media Day Chair and Assistant Professor of Mass Communications, help prepare students for the networking sessions by offering their advice and expertise.

On Wednesday, Feb. 24, UWG’s National Broadcasting Society Chapter (NBS) held a “Dress for Success” workshop that informed students on what to wear, what to say and how to present themselves in a formal business setting. Yates and Renaud said students should dress in business professional attire. Renaud mentioned men should wear a shirt, tie and slacks. For women, a blouse, slacks or a skirt are recommended.

In addition, Yates suggested that students do a bit of background research on the company they want to speak with most. Yates proposed students bring their resume in case a professional asks for it.

“When you have [your resume] with you, it shows how prepared you are and how serious you are about truly getting that internship or job opportunity,” Yates said.

Yates and Renaud said students do not need to be nervous or intimidated; they should be themselves, but also be serious about this opportunity.

“Eighty percent of our visiting professionals are former UWG students,” Renaud said. “They were once the age of our students not so long ago at all. That’s why they are here. To give back to our current students; to pay it forward as someone did for them. They understand and want to meet you.”

Yates and Renaud advised students to speak to any professionals available to them and not to limit themselves based on their concentration. For example, that could mean speaking to a print journalist, even if that student is interested in film and video production.

“You don’t know if that individual does film and video production on the side or has done it in a career before or who he or she knows,” Yates said.



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