Delivering your communication needs: Jeff Asher

Photo Credit: Jeff Asher
Photo Credit: Jeff Asher

As one of the five panelists participating at this year’s Media Day event, Integrated Communications Manager at United Parcel Service, Jeff Asher, is happy to share this important day with the Mass Communications students as they share in the festivities of the day.

“Networking is essential for finding the best jobs available,” said Asher. “Volunteering and giving back to your community is part of our culture at UPS. I also have a sophomore who is majoring in Mass Communications at the University of West Georgia. I’m pleased to be able to share my experience with the UWG students who want to pursue a career in communications.”

Asher earned his Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations and Marketing from Eastern Kentucky University and also a Master’s degree in Mass Communications from EKU. During his nearly three-decade long career in corporate communications, he has had the opportunity to work in several different communications roles. He began working at UPS as a Marketing Communications Manager in the logistics business unit. In 2006, he worked as Interactive Communications Manager where he led online marketing programs and managed the marketing content and global messaging for over 100 countries and launched some of the company’s first social media sites.

“Obstacles are opportunities,” said Asher. “Every day offers opportunities to be creative, to meet business challenges, to learn new skills, and to become a better communicator. If you want a career in communications, you need to embrace the challenges as part of your personal growth.”

Asher considers himself to be a “communications generalist”. During his time at UPS, Asher has had the opportunity to become susceptible to changes within the company as well as changes that are being made around the world. By having a strong knowledge in all things that are related to communication, he was able to handle those changes in stride.

“Change is constant, and the pace of change is increasing. Change is something to embraces as a communications generalist who seeks a broad range of experience in a variety of disciplines,” Asher said. “Whether you are studying in college or the early stages of your career, you need to seek out that experience. My job responsibilities have included public relations, employee communications, environmental communications, website technology, social media, and marketing communications. In fact, my current role at UPS requires the ability to use many of those skills as a communications manager.”



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