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Meet Our Panelists: Kiersten Pace

Alumna Kiersten Pace to participate as a panelist in this year’s Media Day. Among the guest speakers for the event and several other alumni speaking at the panel, Pace currently serves as the Marketing Manager at the University of Alabama.

Pace graduated from UWG in 2019 with a Bachelor’s in Mass Communication and returned shortly after for a Master’s in Business Administration graduating with her MBA in 2021.

Pace recently took a job with the University of Alabama and after spending years as a student and intern. She looks forward to reuniting with the UWG community to share her own wisdom and experience within Mass Communication.

“I remember when I was in my undergrad and I was working for the Mass Comm department, we spent months getting ready for Media Day,” says Pace. “It’s such a big deal that the department does. I am excited and honored to come back and be a part of it. I even remember getting my first internship at Media Day.”

Pace’s academic experience at UWG built her career background and the foundation of discipline for her current position in Marketing.

“Everything I learned at West Georgia literally prepared me for this job today,” says Pace. “Even the [subjects] where I said ‘I will never use this’ —I have.

“Everything that I learned at West Georgia has helped me get to the point where I am today,” continued Pace. “I can truly and thoroughly say that they instilled me with the knowledge and skills to succeed in the job that I’m in right now.”

For Pace, marketing management brings every acquired skill and practice accumulated from her time at UWG.

“My job consists of running [University of Alabama’s] social media accounts,” says Pace. “I create advertisement content using [programs] like Canva, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.

I come up with social media campaigns, I write newsletters and press releases,” continued Pace. “I’ll take pictures and I’ll record videos: anything that I can use and make social media posts or put on our website. I also keep our website up to date. Basically anything that has to do with digital marketing or communication is what I do.”

Mass Communication embodies interdisciplinary studies, integrating language, creative writing, graphic design, mathematics, business management and many other fields.

“The only advice I have is to make sure that you are well versatile,” says Pace. “Make sure to be well versed in mass skills. There is not one job that doesn’t require you to know a little bit of everything.”



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