Chances are, if you are a student, you are not going to read this. Hardly any students will even know about this article or the other articles in this newspaper or the online publication. Most likely, if you happen to be reading this, you are probably affiliated with The West Georgian in some way. There is a severe lack of student involvement not just with this newspaper, but the University of West Georgia as a whole.

Indifference has plagued our campus. UWG has over a hundred student organizations, a plethora of sport teams, several student facilities and active sororities and fraternities, yet school involvement is drastically low. Students seem to exert the least amount of effort possible inside and outside the classroom. Take the Wolves basketball, for example. The bulk of attendance is from Sport Marketing majors and friends and family of the players—all people with ulterior motives for showing up. More people went to last Saturday’s game to watch the Carrollton Middle School’s chorus sing the National Anthem than to watch the Wolves play against the Delta State Statesmen. Those stands should be filled with students with school spirit, not empty apathy.

I want UWG to be successful, like other universities. Georgia State and Georgia Tech both have high student activity. They are revered as great schools to not only learn, but to have fun and be involved. Throughout my student career, I have attempted to get involved with school activities. Joining clubs was one way, but hardly anyone would show up to those I attempted to join. Typically, those who attended were in charge or were friends of those in charge. On two other occasions, I showed up to a first meeting to find an empty room.  I even thought I was at the wrong room, only to find even the club presidents were indifferent, not even formally canceling the club meeting. Hundreds of student organizations? On paper, sure, but certainly not in practice.

UWG has many passionate students, faculty and staff dedicated to making the university the best it can be. They create student events, try to get students passionate in their field of learning and ensure students have every opportunity available to them to form lively campus life. But their efforts are met with shrugs. If you are a student and, beyond all odds, picked up and are reading this paper, hear my plea: Wake up! Get active.  Get involved.  Use all the great resources available to you. Find your passion and run with it. Breathe life into UWG.

Go! See a play at the Townsend Center, go to a baseball game or attend an event at the Student Center. Heck, go a step further and help organize the play, raise some hype for the baseball team or put together your own campus event. The opportunities are endless. Making UWG all it can be begins with you.




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