Money Moves: Life as a Social Media Influencer

Instagram is becoming very popular, and lot people started to use it not only for personal needs, but also for business.  

Maiya Ziminske, Health and Wellness Coach, is a successful fitness and health nutrition blogger on Instagram. She used to use it casually, just for her friends, but once she started working with Herbalife Nutrition she realized that it was helpful for her to promote her business online from her Instagram page.  

Maiya found her strong side which was fitness and nutrition. She already had content and people who were following her from before, which is why she decided to continue to use her old account. Maiya’s Instagram page looks professional and shows her job, goals, interests and character. The description of her profile looks like a well thought out resume.   

“I started working on Instagram when I started my health nutrition journey because the company I work with, Herbalife Nutrition, lets us use a lot of different methods to build our business,” said Maiya. “I just kinda switched up what I was sharing and what I was posting to make it more beneficial for my business and for others, so I can use as an income outlet instead of just as a social media platform.” 

Big companies and corporations use social media actively, and support employees who do the same. A company which does not have the Internet, and advertisement online can be considered as dead. Maiya’s decision to start using her personal profile helped her to improve her career Herbalife Nutrition and built a  successful business as a health and wellness coach.  

“I have been doing fitness for four years that’s why I kept my personal profile because people could see the journey,” Maiya said. “I felt like I kept it more relatable, more real, for people to see that I was once this way, and now I’m this way, so they can see that they can do it too.” 

Not everyone is capable of creating a business profile from an old personal profile, but Maiya was able to use her personal profile to show her progress.  

“People follow your specific page for you,” said Maiya. “They want to see what you are up to, and then you offer productory service and that way you can help other people journey too.”  

It is important to know what you want to do, to have a strategy, and future plans. Maiya chose fitness and health nutrition because she loves it, and she wanted to make it a part of her life. She knows what she does, and her followers see that that is why she keeps her client list and gets new offers for partnerships.  

“There are people who can help you to build your Instagram for you, and it’s definitely an investment in your business because the bigger the audience you have you know the more likely you are to be successful,” said Maiya. 




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