Monster Jam Review

Monster Jam is a Monster Truck league that tours the globe and thrills fans worldwide. They travel across the United States annually. Recently, the Monster Jam trucks made a stop in Atlanta at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium on Feb. 22.

Each show typically consists of 14 trucks competing in a stadium, battling for points throughout the course of the event. Racing involves two trucks lining up side-by-side, going head-to-head in the stadium in pursuit of victory in a bracket-style tournament with drivers trying to advance.

During Saturday night’s event, Grave Digger, the crowd favorite, went on to defeat every truck he went up against. The driver, Adam Anderson, had one last challenge: Face off against Black Pearl and its driver Cole Vernard. Grave Digger came out on top, leaving Black Pearl hungry to come back and wow the crowd in the next competition.

After racing comes the skills challenge competition. Drivers get two opportunities to go out one at a time, doing tricks on the stadium floor. This event is judged by the fans, who go to a specific website and give the trucks scores based on how they felt they did. This is good for the families in attendance since it gives them a voice in the overall event. Not only is the competition intense and thrilling, it is interactive as well.

            The last competition is the freestyle competition where the trucks are allowed to show off their tricks for two minutes. Once the two minutes are over fans give the trucks scores, just as they did for the skills contest. This competition was once again won by Anderson who was able to amaze the crowd with a variety of tricks.

Honorable mention should go to Monster Mutt Rottweiler, which was driven by Michigan driver Brad Allen. He came out and got some huge air off the mini ramps and soared into the sky with a huge wheelie. Ultimately, he finished a close second to Anderson in the freestyle.

People of all ages can thoroughly enjoy the entire show, but freestyle will truly make one’s jaw drop. It is magnificent to see huge trucks soar through the air of a football stadium. Monster Jam is fun for the whole family and people of all ages.

Ultimately, the show was nothing short of action-packed and had the fans cheering all night long. Whenever Monster Jam comes to Atlanta, it is almost a guaranteed sellout, just as it was Saturday. The trucks stayed overnight for a second show on Sunday, thrilling fans who were unable to attend Saturday night because of the high demand for tickets. Monster Jam is almost always guaranteed to be fun for the whole family and is a must see for everybody when the monster trucks come to town.



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