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Multicultural Achievement Program Hosts 38th Annual Academic Awards Ceremony

Diversity is a focus UWG has had for many decades. UWG has created the Multicultural Achievement Program (MAP). UWG’s Multicultural Achievement Program is hosting its 38th Annual Academic Awards Ceremony on March 30 to help celebrate diverse student success.

The MAP program uses a tool to select each student throughout the student database for the awards.

“[The awards program] is for all of our students that are identified as minority students,” said Graduate Assistant Toni-Cynthia Reeves. “These are students who have a 3.7 GPA or higher.”

There will be a speaker at the event who will be passing out awards and congratulating students who won awards.

“His name is Mike,” said Reeves. “We call him Mike on The Bike. He’s known to be encouraging to our students.” 

Free food will also be available to those who attend the event. Seniors and Juniors are the only two classifications who were invited to attend the in-person event. The awards ceremony will be online for Freshmen and Sophomores.

“We pulled [each award winner] from a database,” said Reeves. “We look through all of our students who identify as a minority student and we just look through their grades.

The MAP offers aid to minority students from the beginning of their college careers until graduation.

“As a freshman student, you’re able to choose if you want to become a mentee,” said Reeves. “You’ll be paired up with a mentor. Within this program, you will be in a course called ‘What do you know about multicultural achievement? Within that first full semester, you and your mentor will continue to meet to make sure you are doing okay with your first year here.

“We are proud of our students,” continued Reeves. “We want them to continue doing the best they can on campus. We’re here for [our students].”



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