NBS-UWG explores new avenues

The University of West Georgia’s chapter of the National Broadcast Society-Alpha Epsilon Rho (NBS-AERho) is guaranteed the Grand Prize winner at the NBS 52nd Annual Undergraduate Student Electronic Media Competition. They are nominated in three separate categories: Audio Feature Segment, Audio Commercial and Academic Paper. It seems as though the organization shows unique promise on this medium.

Within the past three months, NBS-UWG has uploaded more content to its Soundcloud profile than it had in the previous year. The reason for this recent surge in material is the abundance of talent within the organization beginning to blossom.

SoundCloud is a Swedish online audio distribution platform. The platform is a stage not only for artists like musicians and comedians; however, it also serves as a vital tool for journalist.

The emergence of the new podcasting feature on SoundCloud, which is still in its beta phase, is an idea that many other online audio platforms are beginning to embrace as well. Being that the feature is still in beta, users with the desire to produce content such as podcasts will need to apply for the program.

Although this feature is incredibly useful, NBS-UWG is blazing trails for itself in other facets. NBS-UWG has five students from its organization nominated in three separate categories.

Alexandra Roberts, nominated in two categories, has shown a natural ability for speaking and story-telling in her feature story titled, “Mein Opa”. Originally, Roberts told the story for an assignment in her Sound Design course. As a consequence of its quality, the feature piece is now a finalist and under consideration for an award in the Audio Feature Segment category of the competition. Along with Roberts in the category are students from the University of Florida, University of Oklahoma and UNC-Chapel Hill.

“Mein Opa” highlights moments of recollection that Roberts and her grandfather shared in Germany. The piece discusses a language barrier; on the contrary, the piece also offers a mutual understanding between Roberts and her Opa. In addition to the emotional elements the piece exhibits, it also provides an oddly colorful image with lush sound effects and calm voice vibrations.

Roberts is also a finalist in the Audio Commercial category along with fellow NBS-UWG member, Malcolm Yates. Respectively, their commercials for “Save-A-Date” and “Pilot G2 Gel Pen” have secured a guaranteed Grand Prize for NBS-UWG in this category.

In fact, NBS-UWG is also guaranteed a third consecutive Grand Prize in the Academic Paper category. Ironically, all three finalists are nominated for assignments submitted in Bradford Yates’ Media Law course. Yates also serves as the NBS-UWG advisor and the Board of Governor for NBS-AERho.

An extremely eclectic bunch, the finalists for Academic Paper include Alexandra Davis, Aaron Heidman and Tammy Parrett. The group of finalists offers a diverse selection for nomination: Davis’ Sensitivty vs. Rights, Heidman’s Dietemann v. Time: A Reasonable Expectation of Privacy and Parrett’s Children and Violent Video Games: Who Draws the Line? 

Winners of the awards will be announced at the 2015 NBS-AERho National Convention on March 28 in Atlanta, Ga.



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