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Netflix’s ‘Ginny & Georgia’ Trends in Top 10 for Over a Month

Netflix’s Ginny & Georgia was released earlier this year and has been trending in the top 10 for over a month due to the excellent acting from the cast and exhilarating plot.

Ginny & Georgia starts off with Georgia’s ex dying suddenly. The death seems to be hard on Georgia as she packs up everything and moves herself, her daughter Ginny and her son Austin to Wellsbuy, MA, where they can embark on a new life and participate in regular family values. However, the family is not a typical family. Georgia is a 30-year-old single mom raising her kids who are 15 and 9 years old. The closeness in age has allowed Georgia to act more like a friend to her children rather than her parents which Ginny seems to take advantage of most of the time. Each character also had their own baggage to deal with as they try so heavily to fit into the new town.

In this show they deal with a lot of adult themes like domestic violence and self harm that some of the characters experience. In most shows these topics can be hard to touch on but in Ginny & Georgia we see these topics brought up in almost every episode. This is because for some characters they have never been able to seek the help they need and they are essentially trying to deal with that as well as the world that goes along with it. Sometimes when shows display themes like this properly, it allows the audience to be able to talk about it more in the real world and seek out information and help when needed.

Ginny & Georgia is also famous for the development of characters as the show goes on. Georgia is not your typical mother because she knows how to get what she wants. With a rough childhood, she had to learn how to navigate in a man’s world. She may be called crazy sometimes but she does everything she can to protect her kids. Ginny is the typical high school teenager who is excited about making friends, going to parties and dating boys, but throughout the show we see her become a lot more like her mom going after what she wants no matter what it takes.

Now since Ginny & Georgia  has been viewed over millions of times, which kept the show trending for weeks, season two has to be on the horizon. The show did end off with a few questions that need to be answered from which one can only guess about right now. Since the show had only been put out this past February, there is no word of if it has been renewed yet or not but with the amount of weeks that it has been trending everything seems hopeful.

Ginny & Georgia is not your average, typical teenage show but is a compelling movie for the whole family to watch. The themes presented in the show give something that everyone can connect to, plus if you like a bit of mystery and a little chaos, then this is the show for you.



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