Netflix’s Love is Blind

As reality-dating television shows pop up all across the world today, one of the most popular ones to be released was Love Is Blind. Streamed on Netflix, roughly 1.5 million people worldwide have viewed this dramatic reality show.  The whole 11 episode series is based on one thing, which is finding true love.

Much like Netflix’s other popular show The Circle, roughly 30 men and women aren’t able to see the others, but can communicate in the same room with a wall in between them. Through various conversations with each person involved in the show, the contestants much find their perfect match. Once the two people find an emotional and mental connection, the men then have the option to propose to the women without seeing them. This provides challenges for both sides, as neither gender can physically lay eyes on one another. Some couples end up getting engaged after only a couple “dates”, while it takes some other couples quite a bit longer. The dates only last 10 total days which puts pressure on both the singles to choose the fit that they think is best for them.  Once the couples are officially engaged, they will then see each other for the first time.

Naturally this creates drama throughout the show. Some singles can’t decide on which person they like more, so it often takes time to figure out their best fit. After long days of meeting the opposite gender, all the women meet in the same room and converse on what they wrote down on their notepads. Throughout the show, it was very common for multiple people to generate feelings for the same person. This led to drama and lies being spread throughout the riveting series.

Following the 10 days of dates, the couples are then sent on a couple’s retreat in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Once the couples are there, they are able to get to know each other and connect more on a both emotional and physical level. After the couples go on their retreat, they then move into the same apartment units in Atlanta, GA. This is the real true test to see if each person is able to cope with his or her significant other. Although some problems arise, the majority of the couples work through them and thoroughly enjoy living with one another.

The season finale consists of each couple having their wedding ceremony. As you can expect in any television reality drama show, some things take a turn for the worst. Two couples in particular realized they weren’t marrying the person they were supposed to be with and ultimately decided to split up before the ceremony. Love is Blind was originally filmed in late 2018, but air in 2020. To this day, three of the couples are still together. Two of them have married while the other couple is still in a relationship. As the show went on, many singles had their doubts on whether or not they would find their perfect match.  For the three lucky couples that did remain together and find their soul mates, Love is Blind definitely worked out for them.



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