New Dining Options to Open Fall 2013

With all of the new additions to the growing UWG campus, including larger dormitory halls to accommodate more students, the next logical addition is more options for student dining. Currently the Wolves Den and the Z-6 dining hall are the two main sources of food for students. In the fall of 2013, students will be able to enjoy the offerings of East Commons, which is being constructed at the Art Annex’s former location.

While the Z-6 will still be the main dining hall of the campus and contain a cafeteria style dining experience, the new East Commons will have a more modern feel and will offer students a faster paced atmosphere. A new all access meal plan will also be available to students in the fall that will allow students to have access to the new dining facility 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Students with this meal plan will not have to use dining dollars or Wolf Bucks to pay for their food at East Commons; instead it will be included in the initial payment of the plan.

Some of the new offerings that will be available at East Commons will include a Mongolian style grill, a place for students to get brick oven pizza as well as classic American food like cheeseburgers and French fries. The new building will also contain a convenience store in the lobby that will be “similar to a Race Trac convenience store with different colors” said John Lyons, the Director of Campus Dining.

While the 24 hour access is something that is new to UWG and will be a great addition to the campus, it does come with some restrictions. Students who do not have the all access meal plan will need to pay for their food and other items with cash, card or dinning dollars. All current students with a valid student identification card will be able to enter the facility; therefore a student will not be able to bring a guest, who is not a UWG student, into the facility.

The dormitory halls located near this new facility generally house freshman. With the Z-6 being the only dining facility that the required meal plans will pay for, it is often inconvenient for students to walk or ride the bus to the other side of campus, especially since the buses do not run on the weekends. Proximity is another benefit of the new dining hall. With its location being only steps from numerous dorms, it allows students staying better access and use of the dining on campus

The Z-6 dining hall will also be receiving a face-lift. The building will be outfitted with new flooring and the interior will be completely renovated. The outside seating on the patio will also be enclosed and will be made available as an area for students to enjoy their meals.



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