New Semester Means Changes for The West Georgian

Pictured are News Editor, Daniel Forte and Editor-in-Chief, Anndrea Ours.

The West Georgian is expecting growth, positive changes and new faces this semester. The paper is led by two new faces: Editor-In-Chief Anndrea Ours and News Editor Daniel Forte. Behind Ours and Forte lies a strong foundation of new staff members, including Webmaster Shaunna Conner, Business and Ad Manager Ze’Nia Middlebrooks and Circulation Manager Robert Moody.  Returning staff members are Chief Copy Editor Annierra Matthews, Assistant Copy Editor Kate Croxton and Graphic Designer Bree Thompson.  Since the paper is fully ran and produced by students, the student body is encouraged to contribute their voices to The West Georgian.

The West Georgian wants to include and involve students and for them to feel comfortable coming to the paper for their on-campus news. The newspaper covers campus and local news and stays on top of information occurring in the world today. The student paper hopes to inform, educate, entertain and bring light to meaningful subjects.

The news is not only available in a printed publication but also on The West Georgian’s website and through social media outlets, such as Twitter and Facebook. Living in an age of technology and social media, news is available instantly on phones, tablets and laptops. News is in the palm of our hands, so Ours regularly asks the question of how she can make a print publication stand up to modern technology. She will actively work to answer this question with the help of her staff this semester and during her time with the paper.

Ours hopes to bring more interactivity with the students and introduce creative measures that will make the paper entertaining and fun. She wants to include more artwork and asks that art students, particularly art students, looking to build their portfolio and gain experience get in contact with her about any ideas they may have for comic strips, caricatures or illustrations for stories covered in the paper.

Ours will also work to get more contributing writers to The West Georgian this semester. She hopes that she can build a strong force of writers that will grow and expand the paper’s content and continues to expand in the years to come. She encourages anyone who has a passion for writing, photography or art to contribute. The general growth of the paper will be best catalyzed by the students themselves: their voices, ideas and creativity.



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