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Photo Credit: Album Cover
Photo Credit: Album Cover

Beyoncé Knowles, or Queen Bey as some may call her, dropped a new surprise album on Dec. 12, 2013 entitled Beyoncé. When I got word that Beyonce dropped an album, I instantly did my research and found it. I immediately became excited.

The album was inspired by Beyoncé’s newfound feminism and was a different spin to the Beyoncé that we all know and love. It would appear that Beyoncé has had a change in tone and appearance with expressing her feminist ways. The album took us on a journey through her childhood and career as a singer. Beyoncé represented how women should be able to show their strong side as well as their sexy side.

I can admit that the album and her videos were a bit risqué, but not many people seem to have a problem with either of them. In her videos she had a little less clothing than the albums before. However, Beyoncé’s last album, 4, did prepare us for the new racy album cover featuring her body as the dominant focus. Some would say that Beyoncé would not be able to show her views as a feminist because she is half naked in all her videos. Personally, I think a feminist is a women who does not conform to what a woman is “supposed” to be. A feminist can, honestly, be whatever she wants to be. So what if Beyoncé had some videos that seemed scandalous. The fact is “if you got it, flaunt it,” said Beyoncé in her song “Check On It.Again the idea is to express that Beyoncé is her own person, and she has shared that with us all.

Beyoncé is certainly different from Beyoncé’s previous albums. Her last albums were subtler; they featured mentions of love and the occasional sorrow. For this new year, I feel that we all needed something different and shocking, and Beyoncé has provided both of these things for us.

Without any promotion, Beyoncé has dropped an album with music videos to each song and has had tremendous success- something that no other artist has done before. The driving force behind her success was the element of surprise and unanticipated videos to give her fans the extra amount of Queen Bey they were all longing for. It is my opinion to say that the album and everything that went behind it was genius. Dropping an album out of nowhere would not have gone well for most artists, but Queen Bey showed them how the game is really played.

I would like to see another artist drop an album with same concept. We all know that it’s not possible for the reason that it’s already be done now and also they are not Beyoncé to say the least. If I had to make a statement on Beyoncé’s half, it would go a little something like this, “It’s a new year, and I am Beyoncé and hear me roar!”



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