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Not everybody loves Lucy

Photo Credit: Universal
Photo Credit: Universal

Sci-Fi summer flick Lucy, directed by Luc Besson, has been released on DVD and experienced mediocre reviews from audience members since its release in theaters last July. Despite claiming the highest-ranking film spot in during its opening weekend, which grossed $44 million, the film flopped in the eyes of some moviegoers. In total, the film has grossed $126,663,600 in box office sales since its release.

Besson, the same director that brought movie audiences films like The Fifth Element, is notorious for creating memorable female action heroes in film history. Like the other female action stars before her, Lucy does not disappoint.

The film follows Lucy, played by Scarlett Johannson, as she is abducted by Korean drug lords, and is forced to transport a new drug, CPH4. The illegal drug later ruptures within her body and begins to consume her brain. She then begins to have access to 100 percent of her brain as opposed the 10 percent that an average humans uses. Lucy ultimately transforms into a super heroine and uses her new powers to terminate her abductors before they slay her and begin mass-producing the powerful new drug.

The R-rated, action packed film cuts to footage of wildlife to compare certain elements of the film with what occurs within the animal kingdom. These comparisons allow the audience to associate their daily actions like foraging for food and mating rituals to the similar actions that animals do, which is ultimately a metaphor that animals and humans are alike.

Professor of biochemistry, Samuel Norman played by Morgan Freeman, helps Lucy understand her new abilities. Upon her arrival to visit Professor Norman, Lucy discovers that she is able to manipulate technological devices. This new discovery proves useful at the end of the film, but sorry, no spoilers here!

Although several moviegoers did not enjoy Besson’s portrayal of Lucy, you should decide for yourself.



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