Nov 1st named retired educators day in Carroll County

The Board of Commissioners heard and passed a movement that dedicated a day to the educators of Carroll County earlier this month.

There are over 113,000 retired educators in the state of Georgia, and more than 25,000 retired educators in the Georgia Retired Educators Association (GREA).

Thanks to the Carroll County Board of Commissioners, former educators will now have a day dedicated to them.  This day will serve as an opportunity for the community to show their thanks and appreciation for what educators have done; helping the children of the community through teaching.

At their monthly meeting on Oct. 6, the Carroll County Board of Commissioners discussed the dedication of a day to the teachers who have taught the children of Carroll County.

Susan Mulkey of the Carroll County Retired Educators Association brought the request for consideration of the proclamation to the Commissioners. The request was accepted and Chairman Mary Smith of the Board of Commissioners placed a proclamation on the Board of Commissioners’ October meeting agenda.

“Retired Educators Day recognizes those retired educators who touched and influenced the lives of generations of young people and devoted their time to public education, providing the academic development of their students,” said Smith.

The dedication these teachers showed during their careers is one of the reasons behind the approval of the proclamation.

“Each year the Governor of the State of Georgia proclaims the date on which Retired Educators Day will be recognized statewide,” said Smith.

With this proclamation, Carroll County will now recognize Retired Educators Day annually on Nov. 1.

Through the programs at GREA, retired educators within the association donate thousands of hours of service  and make invaluable contributions to the welfare of their respective communities.

According to the proclamation signed by Smith, “it is appropriate that a day be designated for citizens to express their appreciation for the contributions that retired educators have made and continue to make for the betterment of human lives and for society.”



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