One Nursing Assistant’s Perspective on COVID-19

No one could have predicted the deadly COVID-19 outbreak that occurred earlier this year. Everyday life and activities were literally put on pause. Many were contracting the virus, and some didn’t even have symptoms. Six months in, there is still no definite cure. It is hard to imagine that some individuals must risk their health every day to ensure that others are cared for.

Nursing Assistant, Sherey Watkins, is a personal home health aide. She performs duties such as helping cancer patients get out of bed, eat and bathe. The virus has greatly affected her work life and has caused her to conform to a new way of life.

Many nursing assistants found themselves without a job or with drastically decreased hours. Some patients and their caregivers also equest extra services outside of Watkins and her employer. Therefore, she has to be flexible with her work schedule. Even so, she is still able to keep a consistent income.

“About five of my patients cancelled my services when the virus first made its way to us,” said Watkins. “Even though some of my patients cancelled my services, I still received a pay raise from my employer.”

Over the past few months, doctors and nurses all over have posted to their social media platforms to inform the public about how deadly the virus really is. Many have expressed their devastation of witnessing so many fatalities. Watkins is grateful that she has not yet had to endure that same heartbreak.

“Luckily, none of my patients have caught the virus or passed away with it,” said Watkins.

Beyond the scary and complex nature COVID-19 has brought to medical professionals, there remains a deep love for the occupation.

“I always wanted to be a nurse because I love caring for others,” Watkins said. “I am in school working on obtaining a bachelor’s degree in science because I want to become a fully registered nurse.

“If you want to pursue a career in the medical field, think long and hard about it,” Watkins continued. “This career is really a calling. If you are only focused on the salary, you are doing it for the wrong reason.”



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