Otter’s Chicken Review

Downtown Carrollton is now home to a brand-new food chain restaurant. Otter’s Chicken opened a little over a month ago and provides Carrollton residents with another casual food option.  

The restaurant is located in a quality location for customers as it is located directly across the street from a parking garage, which conveniently provides customers with a short walk from their car. The one negative that can be taken from its location is that the restaurant is hard to locate because it is surrounded by bigger establishments. Luckily, Otter’s Chicken’s perfectly cooked food makes up for this small mishap.  

Otter’s Chicken is a casual restaurant in every sense. Instead of ordering food while seated at a table, customers order meals directly from the front counter. The customers seat themselves wherever they please before their meals are brought to their table. This is one of the beauties of Otter’s Chicken — customers receive dine-in restaurant quality meals at a fast food pace. 

Otter’s Chicken menu consists of the basic American finger foods- wings, chicken tenders and wraps dominate the menu. The menu is not particularly small as it has over 10 meals to choose from but most of the meals consist of the same few entrees that were previously mentioned. As a result, food diversity leaves room for improvement. 

One of the most important concepts for any business is customer service. Otter’s Chicken passes this test with ease. Their excellent customer service is apparent from the moment one sets foot inside the restaurant. Workers immediately greet customers as they walk inside the establishment which is sure to make the customers feel welcomed. Instead of ordering food while seated at a table, customers order meals directly from the front counter.  This can be confusing for some customers as but workers are quick to assist in any questions regarding the menu. 

Entertainment is another area in which the restaurant exceeds the average food diner. HD flat screen TVs are scattered throughout the establishment. Each booth is within a short distance of each TV for a perfect view. The convenience of this ensures each customer receives comfort similar to that of what they would get in their own home.  

Downtown Carrollton has long had quality restaurants and Otter’s Chicken is now added to that list. The great customer service combined with quality fresh food ensures that the restaurant will maintain a prominent spot within the Carrollton food circuit for years to come. 



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