Out With Extreme Diets, In With a Nutritional Lifestyle

NutritionistCollege students tend to be known for their bad diets, but the staff of Wolf Wellness is working hard to change that. According to Elizabeth Butts, Health and Wellness Promotion Coordinator, they are working to “offer as much nutritional support to students as possible,” which includes hiring a new part time nutritionist. Sara Wilburn is a Register Dietitian at Tanner Health Systems that will be working with University of West Georgia (UWG) students as a nutrition consultant.

“Our main goal in adding Sara to our team is to assist students in making daily nutrition choices that will ultimately lead to a healthier lifestyle,” said Butts. “With spring break just around the corner, students tend to look for quick fixes and trendy diets as a solution.”

By providing someone to talk to about diets and nutrition, Butts hopes that students can avoid the spring break diet mentality and seek out healthier and less extreme options.

“It’s important to avoid extremes. It can be hard for students to figure out what is consistent across the board and what will work for them individually. A no-carb diet or paleo diet isn’t always the solution,” said Butts. “That’s why it’s important for students to take advantage of having someone to talk to about their dietary choices, so they can figure out what’s best for them.”

Wilburn will be in the Campus Center on Wed. nights from 6:30-8:30 pm. During the first hour there will be a weight loss sharing time in room 105 geared to help those students specifically looking to lose weight.

“Not only will this sharing time help students determine nutrition plans to set them on the right path,” said Butts, “but it will also serve as a form of motivation, support, encouragement and accountability.”

During the second hour, Wilburn will be available upstairs to answer any general nutrition questions.

“This time is open to anyone,” said Butts. “It can be basic questions about what foods are good to eat for breakfast. Guys trying to gain weight and build muscle can also benefit from learning what foods will help them accomplish their goals.”

Wilburn will also play a part in a panel discussion open to students on Feb. 25 called “Dying to be Thin.” It is an opportunity for students to discuss eating disorders, how to cope with them or even how to help someone who has an eating disorder. The panel will be held at 7 pm in TLC 1301.

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