Overview of Georgia Governor Candidate: Brian Kemp

The following is a sypnosis of the policies and ideas of governor candidate Brian Kemp from information provided on his website. Sypnoses for opposing candidates Ted Metz and Stacey Abrams can also be found on The West Georgian. 

Former State Senator and current Secretary of State Brian Kemp is running for the office of Georgia’s governor as a member of the Republican Party under the initiative to “Put Georgians First”.

FILE – In this May 20, 2018, file photo, Georgia Republican gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp participates in a debate in Atlanta. Former President Jimmy Carter is wading into the final days of a Georgia governor’s race that’s rife with charges and countercharges of attempted voter fraud and attempted voter suppression. In a letter Carter asked Republican nominee Kemp to resign from his post as Georgia secretary of state. Kemp is locked in a tight race with Democrat Stacey Abrams, whom Carter has endorsed. (AP Photo/John Amis, File)
Kemp’s emphasis to serving Georgians above others is highlighted by his goals of making the state among one of the best for small businesses to thrive, a desire to reform the state government, provide improved services to rural areas and to give Georgians a greater sense of safety and security from crime and other issues that threaten the success of citizens.
Economically, Kemp plans to reduce regulations and taxes that place a heavy burden on local businesses in order to give them the ability to grow, expand and compete with larger corporations. He also intends to cap government spending and lower the tax burden placed on Georgians while also providing incentives to move away from big government and toward the private sector.
Kemp’s plans for the expansion and improvement of public services has also been a key factor in his campaign for governor. He intends to use the technology currently at use to make high-speed internet available in rural communities and to also provide students in rural schools the ability to utilize virtual learning experiences that would not have been available to them before. Furthermore, Kemp has set his eyes upon the improvement and longevity of rural hospitals and health providers in order to give locals better access to adequate healthcare.
Lastly, Kemp’s goals to provide safety and security to Georgians from gang violence and sex trafficking has served as one of his most poignant policies in the campaign. He intends to work with prosecutors to disband gangs and also to end sex trafficking in Georgia by increasing the penalties applied to all crimes related to these two issues.



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