Photo Credit: Tray Lowery

Perpetual Motion and Southwire turn teambuilding exercise to community bike initiative

Photo Credit: Tray Lowery
Photo Credit: Tray Lowery

Perpetual Motion Bicycles Inc. and Southwire’s Project GIFT campaign combined efforts to provide bicycles to many kids across Georgia. The companies donated over 100 bikes to local communities.

“Team building events for corporations are nothing new,” said Mikki Griffin, proprietor for Perpetual Motion Bicycles. “The idea was centered around facilitating an increase in communication among team members and throughout different departments within Southwire’s organization.”

Southwire used the team building project to help inspire out-of-the-box thinking, embrace diverse skills and facilitate a team-centered environment between its North American Sales Force Team and other departments.

“We were able to craft and facilitate Southwire’s first Team Building/Build-a- Bike program,” said Griffin. “We provided the unassembled bikes and appropriate tools to build the bikes, and Southwire’s sales team took it from there. When sales meetings began, Build-a-Bike participants were divided into small groups and timed. They were judged on how fast and how well the bikes were assembled. By the end of the meeting, sales team members assembled 125 bicycles.”

Southwire and Perpetual Motion take pride in their community stewardship initiatives and are involved in many functions, activities and events around Carroll County. When Southwire reached out to Perpetual Motion for assistance, Perpetual Motion provided bikes, tools and oversight on assembly to ensure the bicycles were constructed properly.

“The bicycles were built, accessorized and delivered to Georgia Baptist Children’s Homes and Family Ministries Inc.,” said Griffin. “The Southwire bicycle donation was shared across the state wherever there was a need.”

Every bicycle was delivered with a helmet, light set, bell, reflective spoke kit and handlebar bag or basket.  Larger bicycles also included cable locks, so children can use them as transportation to and from school, which provided a way for schools in Carrollton to join the initiative.

“Carrollton City Schools are supporting this project by partnering with our local Safe Routes to School program, which is in partnership with Tanner’s Get Healthy, Live Well initiative,” said Griffin. “We want to help make Southwire’s campaign not just a community project but a state-wide initiative.”

Perpetual Motion and Southwire’s Build-a-Bike initiative marks the beginning of a large and successful campaign that will feature several different companies in Carroll County. The program was well received throughout the community, and with many similar projects in the pipeline, Perpetual Motion is prepared to join and collaborate to help make the community better.

“The feedback we received during and after the event was highly enthusiastic and very positive, which would bode well to a return event, but we are very fortunate to have been in a position to help with this project,” said Griffin. “We are hopeful that we will be able to lend a hand with many other community endeavors in the future.”



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