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Preview Day at The University of West Georgia is an open house for mostly high school juniors and seniors. Students are able to see if UWG is the right fit for them.

Most of the faculty and staff at UWG are involved in making sure that Preview Day is a success. “ I coordinate the event, but it is a group effort. The campus as a whole, works together to make sure that preview day is a success,” said Becky Nelson, Assistant Director of Outreach and Visit Programs.

Preview Day at UWG is offered about three times a year (November, January, and April). Check-in for potential UWG students begins at 1 p.m. and ends at 5 p.m. Students can come whenever they like in between those times. They can also chose whatever session they are interested in. Students can go on UWG’s website and register for Preview Day. Walk-ins are also accepted. There are no specific requirements for any student that wish to come to Preview Day. “ We will never turn away a student that wants to visit our campus,” said Nelson.

There a number of different sessions that students can chose from. Sessions include but are not limited to Residence Life, where students can find out housing opportunities available at UWG and also get a chance to talk directly with representatives from the staff. “ I think students mostly look forward to where they are going to stay, where they are going to eat and what to do for fun,” said Nelson. In the First Year Program, students are informed about the variety of first year classes designed for them to succeed. Financial Aid offers important information about the process and how it works. In the Honors College Session, students learn about Georgia’s first Honors College and also get an opportunity to learn about admissions, residential requirements and other special opportunities. The Advanced Academy session offers information about UWG’s nationally recognized residential academy for gifted learners. Parent Sessions offer great information about the University and the strengths and benefits of the institution. “ We also added parent sessions in Spanish to reach out to the Latino Community,” said Nelson.

Descriptions of Preview Day events include Welcome Sessions in the Coliseum. “I think the fact that there are student speakers that talk about his/her experiences at the University relate more with the students. It makes them feel more open to coming here,” said Katherine Brown, a student orientation leader and senior at UWG. “We try to get people excited about coming to UWG so we bring out Wolfie and the band,” said Nelson. Other events include the Art Tour, Band/Music Tour, Campus Walking and many more events.

Preview Day at UWG is a great way to help students figure out if UWG is the perfect school for them. “ I believe that we offer excellent academic programs along with vibrant campus life. The location is absolutely perfect. Classrooms are small so that students can connect with their professors and succeed,” said Nelson.



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