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Quest Comic Shop Unpacks the Foundation of Comic Media

The demand for comic-based media has skyrocketed but the foundation of where these comic books were initially discovered still remains prevalent to this day. Quest Comic Shop is a comic store based in Carrollton, Ga. The founder, Greg Gowens, has been in business for 35 years and the shop has seen the landscape of the comic world change.

Comic books have been an art of storytelling for decades. In today’s time, comics are accessible digitally and have become more prevalent. This has made it easier and faster to obtain comic books. With that being said, instant access does not always mean great quality.

“Most of our customers prefer copies that they can hold,” said Virgil Gowens, Quest Comic Shop’s Social Media Director. “I also find it is easier to read comics where you can look at the full page rather than having to scroll on a phone or a computer screen.” 

When a comic is on a digital device the content itself is the same but the layout can be altered from the original. Webcomics can change the reading experience of the comic and how the reader digests the story. Segueing away from the traditional format of handheld comics does not always work in the comic world but it can sometimes lead to other positive outcomes. 

Companies like Disney and Warner Brothers have pushed comic book properties to the forefront of media. From cohesively building movies, games and cartoons these two companies have introduced timeless characters and the worlds in which they exist but have also introduced characters that never became widely known. The consistent elevation of comic book properties has not only retained loyal customers but has also attracted newbies who share the same comic book passion. 

“Some people get into comics through the movies and they want to know the origins behind their favorite characters,” said Virgil. “Some of the unpopular characters as well.” 

In the early days of comics, physical handheld copies were the only way a reader could learn about their favorite characters and their world. These inquisitive fans seek out comic book stores such as Quest Comic Shop to dig deep into the origins and lore of their favorite character. The Quest Comic Shop is reliable because of its preservation of traditional hard copy comic books. These same comics give the reader a breakdown of the characters and provide a blueprint likely to be used in upcoming productions. 

“We have had people walk in and say, ‘hey do you guys have this series from 20 years ago?’” said Virgil. “All we do is point them to the book on the shelf.” 

Though we exist in the age of technology, there’s a remnant and new era of comic readers who seek to connect with their favorite characters by tangible means. Quest Comic Shop continues to be the pillar and provides the comic community a space in time to experience the timeless. 



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