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Review: A Day To Remember Knocks Birmingham Out Of The Arena

Those who know A Day To Remember know that they always put on a rockin’ show, no matter where they perform at. This show was no exception. On Oct. 2, A Day To Remember came to Birmingham, Ala. to perform their tour “Just Some Shows.” This was a last minute, unplanned trip that was absolutely worth it.

            We arrived a tad late and caught the tail end of the second band performing. This band was Magnolia Park. They are a small but widely known band that blew up on social media, specifically TikTok. Their song “10 for 10” is their largest hit. I enjoyed catching their performance before The Used came on stage. Magnolia Park put on a great show for their fans as they packed the arena.

            The Used was up next. If The Used isn’t a band you’ve heard of, it’s okay; I didn’t know them either. However, they put on a very interactive show. Their music was great. They did show care and compassion towards their fans. I enjoyed their performance as well as the next guy but I do not believe I will see them again.

            The last performers came to the stage; A Day To Remember was coming. As usual, their show was amazing. They played many fan-favorite songs such as “Have Faith In Me,” “All I Want” and “Lauderdale.” The crowd was cheering, dancing, singing along , and moshing. It was an amazing show. We also were able to hear the new song, “Miracle” live. This song was dropped over the summer and it kicks a**.

            Before the performance was over, there were only a couple of songs left on their setlist. As they go to begin one of their oldies, a crowd surfer was dropped onto the metal fencing. He was knocked out and rendered unconscious for several minutes. McKinnon stopped the band and called out for EMTs. The entire fanbase was silent as EMTs headed to the front. Cheers were heard when he opened his eyes. The injured fan was able to walk out of the arena safely, being escorted by EMTs. Once he was pulled out, ADTR resumed the show.

            One comment I did have about the performance was it seemed the lead singer, Jeremy McKinnon, appeared to have a voice strain. His voice sounded painful; not the normal ADTR sound but as if he strained it while on tour. It sounded like it was time for a voice break for him because he was straining at certain parts of songs.

            Overall, the show was phenomenal as usual. I will never miss another ADTR concert even if that means finding tickets last minute. I am looking forward to seeing them on Dec. 2  in Atlanta for their acoustic tour. Rock on!



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