Rosie’s Cafe in Carrollton 

By Sam Okodua

Rosie’s Coffee Cafe is best known in Atlanta for their fantastic breakfast. Celebrities such as Tiny & Toya, Deontay Wilder, Yung Joc and Kevin Garnet have raved about Rosie’s menu and customer service.

Rosie’s recently decided to add a new Carrollton location along with the two they already have in Atlanta. The new restaurant, located on Bankhead Highway next door to a Citgo. 

At first glance, the restaurant seemed quaint and peaceful with a patio area for guests to eat outside on a beautiful day — a good place to catch brunch with your friends and drink mimosas on a Sunday afternoon. 

As my party and I walked into the restaurant, we were embraced by the friendly staff and peaceful jazz music playing in the background. We were then escorted to our table where there were fresh cut roses in a vase at the center of our table. 

After looking over the menu, I ordered the Perch Po’Boy while my group ordered the Chicken & Waffles, Mama’s Shrimp & Grits and Rosie’s Fish & Grits. 

After waiting 45 minutes the food arrived at the table, everyone’s except for mine which came out ten minutes after everyone else’s. My first bite of the Po’Boy was dissatisfying, the bun was rock hard and was inedible.  

After getting my order re-made, the bun was soft and buttery with a light crisp. The fish was crispy, but dry. The seasoning of the fish was good and it was not too spicy or salty. Also, after all that wait, the fries were cold.

While I did not have the best experience at Rosie’s, my group was enjoying their meals and did not have a single complaint. 

“The Pollock was near perfect,” said Travion Moore, one of the groupmates. “The grits were amazing. They were rightly seasoned with a perfect thick texture.” 

Moore ordered Rosie’s Fish & Grits, which came with lightly breaded ocean pollock, bed or buttered grits with your choice of bread. 

My experience at Rosie’s was not a memorable one. On the other hand, my friends had a great experience and could not stop talking about the restaurant for the rest of the day. While taking the comments made by my friends into consideration, I decided to give Rosie’s a 4 out of 5. I want to give them another chance because of how well my friends enjoyed their meal. 



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