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Safe-Line for Sexual Assault

UWG students received an email regarding a sexual assault case on campus on Feb.6. A report was made to the University Police Department that a female student was raped at Center Pointe Suites. Therefore, one student decided to create a safe line to help prevent another sexual assault incident on campus.

UWG student, Imani Johnson, created the After Dark Safe-Line to prevent another sexual assault case from occurring at UWG. The After Dark Safe-Line is a support platform for ladies who have been sexually abused as well as a hotline for the women to use if they feel themselves in an uneasy situation and need help.

“When I first saw the email about the sexual assault on campus I was immediately overwhelmed with thoughts and emotions,” said Imani. “I just could not believe it, so I decided to create something to help prevent more instances of this happening again or worse situations.

“I decided to help make the students aware of the many resources on campus,” continued Imani. “As well as give the students support from their peers to ensure that they have someone to talk to about their experiences and have a way to get home safely.”

Imani plans on putting the After Dark Safe-Line into action as soon as possible. The sophomore decided it was best to promote the idea as much as she can, especially after the incident that occurred.

“I plan on getting the service around first by flyers and hosting an informational meeting and hopefully meeting with our school administration to team up with campus police,” said Imani. “Once more students and people are aware of our service, I plan on expanding the service with the help of my executive board and coming up with ideas to further our dedication to helping others.”

Imani ensures that the After Dark Safe-Line will be free for students and will have volunteers. Although anyone can volunteer to become a member, they will have to prove that they are reliable and trustworthy to take on such a huge responsibility.

“The After Dark Safe-Line will be free to use,” said Imani. “However, I would love to sell defense keychains for the students that would like to have some type of protection with them in case there are situations where we or the police are unavailable and use the profits to go towards the safe line and to donate as well.

“Anyone can join the safe line,” continued Imani. “But I will most likely create a questionnaire for the students that would like to help and participate to make sure that not only I, but fellow students can count on them in a time of need and dedicated to create ideas to make sure that the university also has voices that want to ensure safety on campus as well.”

Imani is elated and proud of herself for creating such an amazing service for the ladies at UWG. She will run the business until she graduates and then she hopes to find someone trustworthy enough to take over once she leaves. 

            “It feels amazing to create something that could help so many people in so many different ways and to be able to get advice, motivate and support others and offer ways to keep our students, especially our ladies, safe on campus,” said Imani.



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