Sammy’s Midnite Bar & Grill

Business owners Sammy Gowani and his brother, Kris Madadi, opened their new restaurant Sammy’s Midnite Bar and Grill on Nov. 1, replacing Johnny’s Midnite Bar and Grill. Sammy’s has made a statement in appealing to UWG students by staying open later than most bars/restaurants in the Carrollton area.

            The Chevron gas station located on Maple Street in Carrollton, otherwise known as Sammy’s, is a popular location for West Georgia students. This is most students gas station of choice because it is located right beside the UWG campus. Sammy’s Midnite Bar and Grill is open 3pm-2am Mon.-Wed., 3pm-4am Thurs.-Fri., and 11am-4am Sat. and Sun. Sammy’s is ideal for students who work late hours and want somewhere to hang out with friends afterwards.

Sammy’s plan in opening the restaurant is to also include a variety of food selections. Some of the popular options on the menu are appetizers such as the wing sampler, jumbo butterfly shrimp, quesadillas and the homemade tortilla chips. There is also a selection of salads, plus an assortment of main menu options including breakfast items. The main focus of Sammy’s Bar and Grill is the variety of wing flavors including honey barbecue, spicy barbecue, sweet chili, Jamaican jerk, garlic herb parmesan and more.

Other than Sammy’s famous wings and wing flavors, the restaurant has burgers, pitas, paninis, subs, pasta, and seafood. A couple of popular items to consider trying are the Signature Pita Topper, and the Fresh Mozzarella, Basil, and Roasted Red Pepper Panini.

Chef and manager Joe Rivera was thrilled to announce a few dressings and food items that he makes fresh everyday. “Our honey mustard and ranch dressings are a homemade recipe of my own. We also serve fresh pasta, pesto sauce, marinara, and hummus,” said Rivera.

Sammy’s encourages customers to try out their dessert menu featuring a wide selection of cheesecake: New York cheesecake, strawberry cheesecake, and lemon mascarpone cheesecake.

As well as great food, Sammy takes pride in his staff and cleanliness of the restaurant.

“The restaurant is under new management. I chose to hire a friendly staff that genuinely cares about the restaurant,” said Gowani. “I was pleased to learn the restaurant scored a 100 on its first health inspection.”

Another important and convenient aspect of Sammy’s restaurant is their catering accessibility. For any special events, Sammy’s encourages customers to look further into their catering services as well as checking out the restaurant itself. Gowani and Madadi are excited to see the turnout of their new restaurant bar and grill.



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  1. Bike Night group coming there around 6:00 to 6:30 we learned about Sammy’s from my nephew Corey McKenzie & my brother-in-law Clete Shadinger…been trying to call the ph. #’s I found…but no answers….my cell 770-722-6821

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