Savings for College Students

People will say that college students are ill-equipped financially and tend to not buy things other than food and scantrons, but in reality, college students have become the new up and coming consumers in the economy. Most college students are entering into higher education already aware of their finances and their spending. Companies like the Better Business Bureau are even starting up new advertisements in different states, via text messages, to help students when trying to find information on companies and brands that they tend to buy from.  Local businesses around colleges offer special discounts to the students in order to bring in more revenue to their businesses.  In fact, some local stores around UWG depend upon and encourage student shopping.

“We are the only Lizard Thicket in Carrollton. Students are a huge factor in our sales,” said Ashley Bedosky, manager of Lizard Thicket in Carrollton. She said that the student population makes a huge impact on business for her store.  Her target demographic for her store is for women ages 18 to 37, and although she doesn’t offer student discounts, she does give incentives for customers to continue to shop at her boutique. Customers are given the opportunity to sign up for coupons and discounts that only shoppers receive and are encouraged to access their social networks in order to hear about new sales and different styles.

Gloria Wilson, a natural hair store owner in Carrollton, who specializes in homemade soaps, hair and skin products, also works to improve her prices in order to bring more students to her store. She believes her store is ideal for students on campus because it “cuts down on the shipping and handling that you would be paying to buy those products from online stores or in nearby Atlanta.”

“I know that college students don’t want to spend a lot of money,” said Wilson, “so I try to cut down the prices and sometimes I will give discounts to people who frequent my store.”

Not only do local clothing and beauty stores offer discounts to students, but places such as UPS, Dairy Queen, and local movie theatres also offer discounts to students who have their ID readily available to them.

Student discounts don’t just end on campus or in the local community. Some car dealerships, like GM, offer college discounts on Chevrolet, Buick and GMC cars, and discounts are offered on most car insurance to students who maintain good driving records and grades while in school. Apple offers discounts up to 10 percent on their electronics, and mall stores, such as Charlotte Russe, Banana Republic, J. Crew and The Limited, also offer varying discounts to students.



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