Senioritis is most known as a state of mind in high school students coming from the long years of school exhausting them and in result, their determination towards school drops tremendously. This is not only a disease in high school students, this is also in college students just as equally, if not more.

            When walking along campus, you will see most seniors excessively wearing sweat pants, hoodies, big t-shirts, old track pants and hats. These are the symptoms of Senioritis. More symptoms consist of lack of studying, repeat in absence and a generally dismissive attitude not only towards school, but also other events in life.

            “I am going to be honest when saying I have not attended many classes towards the end of this semester,” said Alyssa Stoudt, current senior graduating this semester. “Knowing I am so close to freedom has made me realize I am overly ready to be free right now, not in another month.”

            The only known cure for Senioritis is a simple known phenomenon, graduation. With graduation, seniors become free from the pressure of the massive multitude of classes that require thirty plus hours of studying or homework a week, free from the library that begins to feel like a jail cell, and also free from the all-nighters that are that are spent staring at computer screens.

            “Senioritis comes from all the pressure put upon students to become successful,” said Shawna Berg, Doctor at Tanner Urgent Care “It is pushed upon high school students to begin to achieve a degree straight out of high school instead of giving them a break from school. If students were not pressured to attend college right away and could take a break in between graduation, Senioritis would not be as sympathetic to students.”

            Students need time to relax and enjoy their college experience and seniors realize this more than any other college class. They have been attending classes for so long they realize it is time for them to be in the real world already and the last month before this happens, the anticipation grows much deeper. Especially with the fall semester ending during the holiday season; there are many more topics on student’s minds than just school.

            The more encouragement these seniors receive, the more helpful it is for them to push past their Senioritis and help complete college strong with the finishing grades. Not only the Seniors themselves, but also their professors want to see this improvement. With graduation right around the corner, seniors are more than ready to walk across the graduation stage and happily accept their diploma and become free from this state of mind, Senioritis.



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