Photo by Lindsey Craft

SGA Strives for Continued Student and Community Outreach

Photo by Lindsey Craft
Photo by Lindsey Craft

University of West Georgia’s Student Government Association held its first meeting of the semester on Thurs., August 29. Dana Jones, president of the student body, said the goal of SGA is to be more involved in the community, and to get the campus more active with the organization this academic year. The first event is scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 14.

“Some of the goals are to get the community more involved this school year,” said Jones. “In order to do that, we have two events planned for September. The first event is on Sept. 14, which will be the Chattahoochee River clean-up.” UWG will provide transportation and anyone can attend the event. The second event scheduled in September is the Taste of Carrollton on Thursday, Sept. 19.

Another goal of Jones, and the SGA, is to have the campus be more interactive with the organization. In addition, she plans to utilize the resources on campus and social media outlets to inform the student body of news and events with SGA. “We are planning on launching bi-weekly videos on the campus T.V. station, letting the community know what’s going on with SGA and upcoming events that the students can participate in,” said Jones.

SGA is focused on strategizing their efforts and working efficiently because the organization experienced a budget cut this year. “I believe we utilized our money poorly last year, resulting in a budget cut,” said Jones. “We are working hard this year, for next year, so we don’t get any more budget cuts.”

SGA has implemented several key changes in the last several years. One of the changes was the extended hours at Z-6. “Because of the issue with parking, SGA created the Gray Route bus system,” said Jones.  One of the main ways that Jones and her organization can resolve issues is during their weekly meetings. “We really want students, faculty, and staff to attend the meetings,” said Jones. “They are held every Thursday at 3:30 p.m. in the Campus Center.” Students are encouraged to attend and get updates about upcoming events, to voice their opinion and to know what they can do to get involved in their community.

Jones said her favorite part of her job in SGA is being the voice of the students. “I enjoy being the connection between the students and the UWG staff,” said Jones. She was elected this academic year and works alongside 21 current members in the organization. Her least favorite part of her job is how chaotic it can be being the liaison between the students, university staff and the senate. Overall, Jones is excited for this year and looks forward to making greater connections with the community and the student body.

SGA has a Facebook and Twitter account and you can follow them @UWGSGA. For more information regarding SGA and their events, you can email the organization at or attend their next meeting on Thursday, September 5 in Campus Center Room 108.3-4.



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