Shot Spot is officially open

Photo Credit: Tim Simpson
Photo Credit: Tim Simpson

Gun aficionados will be euphoric to hear Shot Spot, Carrollton’s newest gun club, is now open. The club has a gun range with a myriad of firearms and the facility is 22,000 sq. ft. Shot Spot’s indoor gun range is the 14th largest in the nation and is the only major gun club in the Carroll County area.

For Shot Spot owners John Paulk and Tammy Paulk, this business is a 20-year dream in the making.

“Shot Spot is a family-oriented business where people can come in and enjoy the shooting recreation and refine their skills and develop personal defense,” said John Paulk. “Of course we have accessories and guns and ammo, but we also have clothing and other lines.”

The 100-yard underground indoor range target system at Shot Spot is synonymous with what the military, secret service and FBI utilize for sniper training. The range affords gun practitioners a place to learn and hone their skills regardless of season or climate. The range includes 25-yard shooting lanes as well.

Shot Spot aims to offer exceptional products with an emphasis on customer service. The Paulks have gone to great lengths to foster a safe and cozy atmosphere for customers.

“We spent a lot of money on sound deadening,” said John Paulk. “Therefore, when you’re sitting here you don’t here shots being fired in the background and the annoying sounds that come from it.”

The clothing department at Shot Spot features shoes and clothes manufactured in America as well as places like New Zealand. They also have accessories like knives, pens and razors. While they offer foreign products, Shot Spot is deeply invested in supporting American brands and product. Their focus is to support the local economy.

By no means is Shot Spot a typical gun club. Shot Spot is a multi-dimensional operation—the business offers a wide range of services for gun lovers and novices alike. The facilities include a catering kitchen for private parties, as well as an event room where they teach firearm classes that promote tactical training and gun safety. This course educates customers on Georgia Concealed carry laws and home defense.

They also have a contract with Ambucare, an emergency 911 provider and a critical care transport provider in Bremen, Ga., to teach CPR, first aid, defibrillation and gunshot trauma classes.

“All the corporations in West Georgia that have more than 25 employees need to go through the CPR certification and first aid, so we’ll be teaching those classes here starting in January for the corporations to send their personnel,” said John Paulk.

Ownership made it a point to make the store family-friendly, with the clothing department and a lounging area in the heart of the store.

“Very few gun clubs have a customer relaxation area to where they can watch the video monitors and see other people sharpening their skills or competing or teaching others how to properly use guns safely,” said John Paulk.

Shot Spot offers customers a place to relax in a comfortable setting as well as learn the art of gunmanship. The mission for the business is to educate, energize and engage the Carroll County community.

“Shot Spot is about the young and the old coming to enjoy their pleasures and passions,” said John Paulk.



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