Valentine’s Day for one

Love is in the air and Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Couples will be gearing up to spend an exorbitant amount of money on cheesy gifts and dinner dates, but what about all the singles? Typically in films, single women are clad in oversized sweats while stuffing their faces with sweets and bawling their eyes out. In real life, singles just watch Netflix and still probably binge on sweets. Instead, why not celebrate the national day of love as the sassy, single lady you are? Rather than view being single in a negative light, embrace it. Enjoy the single life and the freedom it offers.

Since the big day falls on a Saturday this year, it is the perfect day to have a mini adventure. Atlanta has plenty of attractions to keep one entertained and occupied.

One idea is a shopping spree. Splurge on yourself. Buy something that you have been eyeing for a while. Maybe go buy a nice outfit or some new tech toys. This is also a good time to revamp your wardrobe if you have been wanting to. Being your own Valentine has its benefits because you can buy exactly what you want and do not have to pretend to like someone else’s gift. While all the couples are complaining about all the money they spend on gifts, you can brag about the money you saved.

With a new outfit in hand, treat yourself to a restaurant you have wanted to try. Order a nice steak and a few drinks without worrying about someone else’s budget. Bring a good book to read while waiting for your food. Weather permitting, sit outside and people watch.

After eating, go to the movies; the highly anticipated drama romance 50 Shades of Grey hits theatres the day before Valentine’s Day, which would be a great movie for both singles and couples.

Remember, you are not the only single person in the world. You could potentially meet a fantastic person who is also celebrating their single status.

If going out is not your cup of tea, then opt for an enjoyable evening at home. Dive into a new series on Netflix, or read the latest book by your favorite author. Valentine’s Day is also a good day to conjure up a hobby or finish a project that has not been completed.

Catch up on some much needed TLC. Reward yourself for making it this far into the semester without having a mental break down. Use this day to take long naps or to just lounge around in pajamas. Pamper yourself at home from head to toe. Pinterest offers plenty of recipes for do-it-yourself masks and scrubs.

Everyone should celebrate Valentine’s Day whether single or in a relationship. Just because you have not found the right person to appreciate what you have to offer does not mean you have to be down in the dumps.



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