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Sororities Lip Sync for Battle of the Boy Bands

Alpha Gamma Delta Sorority held their annual Alpha Gam Lip Jam in the Hanger Gym at UWG on March 27. Alpha Gam Lip Jam is a lip syncing and dance competition between all fraternities on campus. Because of COVID-19 restrictions in the fall, the sisters of this chapter did not think they would be able to hold the successful competition. The minute they got the okay to have events, immediately they started planning Alpha Gam Lip Jam.
Two or three sisters of Alpha Gamma Delta each volunteer to help a fraternity they would like to coach. The sisters of each team then choreograph a dance and teach it to the team up to two to three weeks prior to the actual competition. Each year, Lip Jam has a theme. Some past themes include, cities and decades.
This year’s theme was the battle of the boy bands. Each team decided on which boy band they would like to lip sync and dance to. At the event, the teams performed one by one in no particular order and then were judged by a panel of judges. Teams were judged by a score sheet with different categories, such as originality, choreography, how well they lip sync and more.
“Our sisters really were adamant about wanting to do Lip Jam,” said Alpha Gamma Delta’s Sorority VP of Philanthropy, Zowie McCarty. “When the restrictions were changed in the early part of spring semester, I asked my sisters which event they all wanted to do and it was a unanimous decision. Lip Jam it was.
“In years past we have earned a lot of money to help our philanthropy which is the Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation,” continued McCarty. “The Alpha Gamma Delta foundation is an umbrella organization that helps Fighting Hunger and also sisters in our sorority all around our nation that are in need. These are called ‘Sis Grants.’ We all love our philanthropy because we get to be very hands-on by holding these events, going to the community garden at UWG and also going to the Carrollton Soup Kitchen. It allows us to make an impact and see how much of an impact we’re actually making.”
Sigma Chi Fraternity received third place for their performance as the band New Kids on the Block. Sigma Nu Fraternity came in second with their performance as the band Big Time Rush. The Phi Delta Theta Fraternity performed with a mix of old and new Jonas Brothers songs and came home with the first place trophy. This is the second consecutive year Phi Delta Theta has won Alpha Gam Lip Jam.
Sisters of Alpha Gamma Delta sold the tickets to anyone interested in attending the event. Anyone that wanted to attend the event had the option to bring five canned food items, which will be donated to the Carrollton Soup Kitchen. This year seats were limited because of COVID-19 guidelines and approximately 250 people were able to attend this year’s event. The last Alpha Gam Lip Jam took place in the fall of 2019. This year Alpha Gamma Delta was able to raise about $1,000 for the Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation.



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