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Stacey Abrams Prepares for the 2022 Election

As the 2022 election approaches, Stacey Abrams plans numerous changes in the hopes of winning the race for Governor of Georgia.

“I’m running for governor because I believe that we all deserve an opportunity to thrive,” said Abrams, the 2022 election candidate. “When I say thrive, I mean returning us to the fundamentals that make success possible.

“That is investing in education, healthcare, housing, and making sure you can make a living,” Abrams continued. “We have to be willing to protect our families and have governors willing to protect our freedoms.”

Healthcare is an essential part of her campaign as six hospitals have recently shut down within the year and 14 in the last decade. Over the last 10 years, Georgia has lost $30 billion in funding for healthcare. Communities worry as healthcare costs go up and access goes down.

“As governor, it is my intent to expand Medicaid,” Abrams continued. “Medicaid will not only give half a million Georgians access to health insurance but reduce the cost for the rest of us.”

Georgia also faces an issue in education wages. Many teachers are leaving due to burnout, with pay being the number one cause. The pay would increase from $39,000 to $50,000 as part of the Abrams campaign. This helps not only the teachers struggling financially but provides a better outcome for kids as more educators will be hired.

She also plans on restoring free technical college in Georgia for individuals who want to go directly from high school into college. Many college students struggle transitioning from college into the workforce. Abram’s plans to decrease the hardship of the workforce by creating 20,000 apprenticeships, using resources that have already been promised to Georgia.

Abrams is also addressing the State of Georgia’s affordable housing crisis in her campaign.

She believes in giving people the opportunity to make a living for themselves. 43% of jobs in the state of Georgia are from small businesses. In order to fulfill her goal of people having a better living opportunity, she plans to create a $10 million capital investment fund. This investment fund will provide businesses with access to the thousands of dollars to get a bank to write a loan, assisting women and people of color who are currently struggling.

“I also want to expand access to contracting,” said Abrams. “The way we get to this new opportunity is making sure people have access to the education they need.”

Healthcare, housing, education, economic security and freedom, including protecting women’s rights and marriage equality all factor into her plan to improve the state of Georgia and the residents within.

“We need a governor that is willing to protect our freedom to survive,” said Abrams. “That’s the reason why I am running for governor, to restore the fundamentals, to improve and protect our freedoms, and to protect our families, with the work we are doing with this campaign, I believe we will get it done.”



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