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     Anndrea is a senior who had the hardest time choosing a major. After 5 years, she somehow found herself in the realm of journalism and film studies. She looks forward to her time spent with The West Georgian in her final few semesters before graduating in 2017. This left-handed nerd loves The Legend of Zelda and watching Ghibli films entirely too much. She’s a total scatterbrain and takes pictures of everything (but not food—she’d rather be eating it). When she has free time (and that’s rare), she loves hiking and exploring the outdoors; nature is pretty neat in her book. She likes to think she speaks a little German and can sing pretty okay. After graduating Anndrea doesn’t have the slightest idea of what she wants to do. So, she plans to paint with all the colors of the wind to see where that takes her.

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1454779_10201043666002583_474309750_n      With a major in Mass Communications and a minor in Creative Writing, Annierra Matthews is a senior at the University of West Georgia. She is excited about being on the staff this year and hopes to gain plenty of learning experience. After graduating UWG, Matthews hopes to become an editor and to publish short stories. If her career in journalism does not work out, she plans to go back to school to study library science. Her hobbies are watching television, reading and writing.

Kate Croxton, Copy Editor: kcroxto1@my.westga.edu905915_10207504269903144_1974469076575628795_oKate is a mass communications major with a minor in English literature. This is her third year at UWG, and she absolutely loves it. She hopes to one day write for newspapers around the world since she loves to travel. She has been to 13 countries on three continents, and her goal is to visit every country in the world one day. Her favorite color is purple, she loves to read and watch movies/TV/YouTube in her free time and her favorite band is Coldplay. She doesn’t eat chicken, she refuses to wear jeans and she us a huge Greek mythology nerd. She also collects nutcrackers and names her electronic devices after actors and movie characters.



  • Bree Thompson, Graphic Design Editor: bthomp11@my.westga.edu

    FB_IMG_1455240627818      Bree Thompson is a hummus loving art major who spends most of her free time hanging out (like the photo of her zip-lining in Costa Rica). She’s obsessed with cats, and when she’s not making beautiful art things or designing our awesome newspaper, she likes to take long romantic drives to Taco Bell or, for serious relationships, at Waffle House.









Shaunna Conner is a senior Public Relations major at the University of West Georgia. She is also pursuing a Marketing minor and a certificate in Advertising. She also has a strong passion for the Spanish language and enjoys speaking it often. Shaunna is a huge music fan and avid concert-goer, attending events as often as she can. Not only is she the Webmaster for The West Georgian, but she also works full-time as a Nursing Technician at Tanner Medical Center here in Carrollton. She plans to merge her healthcare knowledge with her PR knowledge to pursue a career in Healthcare PR after graduation.


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As an educator my goal is twofold: to provide viable career training, and to foster critical thinking in hope of spurring progressive social change. Although my professional history and current focus at UWG is in journalism, I also have a strong background in cultural studies, critical theory, and critical/rhetorical ethnography. My research is focused on gendered identities associated with rock music subcultures. At present I am rewriting my dissertation, “‘Doing it for The Dudes’: A Comparative Ethnographic Study of Performative Masculinity in Heavy Metal and Hardcore Subcultures” as a book project. I am excited to be working with the staff of The West Georgian, and have high expectations for the newspaper this year.

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