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Stay in the Pack Wolves, Keep West: An Open Letter to the Undergrads of UWG

Photo Credit: UWG
Photo Credit: UWG

College is full of days and nights that are filled with happiness, confusion, dis­couragement and frustration. You spend countless hours studying, reviewing, holding class meetings, being involved in student organizations or clubs, and attend several classes to fulfill the requirements for your degree. No one said that the journey would be easy, but you were up for the challenge four years ago after graduating from high school and if you want to graduate with a degree, in hopes of living decent in to­day’s economy, you’ve got to do it. Here are a few things that you can do

As college students, no one gives us a manual that describes the “perfect” college experience. There just is no such thing. Instead, we make up our own journeys as we go along. It is important to remember that college is not just about taking the classes to earn a degree but there are also things that students must to do in order to successfully fulfill their monies worth when walking across the stage as a graduate of not just the University of West Georgia but any college or university.

While many students attend college, they do not take advantage of the full college experience. It is practical to have both an academic and social life, however, it is best to have limits. There is nothing wrong with attending the Greek probate and par­ties—just do it after you’ve finished that 12-page paper for your Media Law class. That Media Law class is a huge part of not only your degree, but also your GPA and that chance to enhance your networking skills.

Now that you are in college there will be times when you have to resolve conflicts on your own. This can mean that sometimes the financial aid office will misplaces your paperwork, causing you to panic and freak out about everything pertaining to your college career. Instead of panicking and wondering if this will become a set back, remain calm and take deep breaths. Make an effort to stay organized and keep a mini file folder that is full of paperwork and other im­portant documents that you will need along the way. The point is, things happen, and so does life.

If you hated public speaking during your fresh­man year, it may be best to not shy away from it. Com­munication is nothing to be afraid of; it can actually become a lifesaver to your college career. It can help you meet new friends and study partners, but most importantly it can help you create a good relationship with your professor. Profes­sors have this stigma of be­ing intimidating, mean and non-social beings; however, they can be some of the most helpful aides to your overall college experience. They enjoy seeing their stu­dents succeed, and there­fore, if you make an effort to communicate with them and get to know them—you create a long-lasting con­nection. They often give great recommendations and career advice.

You know yourself better than anyone else. So once you reach the point of your college career to where you are seeking internships and careers, be sure to promote yourself. Show confidence in yourself, your brand and your skills. Just remember to not be cocky or arrogant, but confident in the notion that you are skilled and qualified for the job. The more confidence that you have in those qual­ities the more you are likely to get the internship or job. Employers look for this within their future employ­ees. They want to know that they can hire you because you would be dependable, responsible, and skilled.

No matter how many obstacles are thrown at you, always remember to persevere. There will be days where you want to throw in the towel and give up, but don’t. Confide in someone who you can trust, and talk to this person to talk things out. UWG offers a variety of programs and services to students free of charge. As students we pay tuition for many of these services, and therefore it is important that we take advantages of these services while we are here. If you have worked this hard to get into college, there is no point in giving up now. Why would you want to throw in the towel and leave your dream dangling and waiting for you to finish it?

No one’s college experience is the same. We each determine our choices, experiences, and decisions. How we pursue them during college is what we make of our overall college experi­ence. So always remember to take advantage of UWG and what it has to offer, resolve conflicts, communi­cate and promote yourself. When you graduate, you will be glad you did.



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  1. Having read this I thought it was extremely enlightening.
    I appreciate you finding the time and effort to put this short article together.

    I once again find myself spending a significant amount of time both reading
    and posting comments. But so what, it was still worthwhile!

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