Staying West But Heading North

Just a few weeks ago, UWG named Dr. Kyle Marrero, from the University of West Florida, to take the role of presidency at the university starting next fall.

Marrero is currently the Vice President for University Advancement at UWF, in Pensacola, FL.  As the Vice President, he leads 60 employees in integrated marketing communications, the UWF Foundation, WUWF Radio, the university’s historic properties downtown as well as institutional development and alumni relations’ activities.  Marrero also serves on several committees and teams dedicated to the betterment of the university.

Marrero’s passion, however, isn’t necessarily in administrative work.  Before Marrero became the Vice President in 2009, he was the Director of the School of Fine and Performing Arts and the Chair of the Department of Music.  Marrero worked to establish and maintain community partnerships with the Pensacola Symphony, Pensacola Opera, Pensacola Museum of Art and the Pensacola Little Theatre.  Marrero has been the Artistic Director for the Pensacola Opera and Opera Southwest and has performed in 35 states and seven different countries.

So what sparked Marerro’s interest in administration?  “I have always been an organizer of people, processes, and systems,” said Marrero.  “Whether it is leading arts organization or serving in a higher education administrative capacity, it is all about communication, strategy and goal setting.”

“The passion to serve as a leader in higher education comes from the same place that drives my love for the performing arts,” said Marrero.  “I would argue that serving in an administrative role in the university system fulfills that same passion.”  Even though Marrero is leaving UWF, he doesn’t plan to leave his passion for performance in Pensacola.  Marrero plans to continue his involvement in fine arts here at UWG.  “Athletics and fine arts are natural connectors to the community,” said Marrero.  “They enhance the quality of life of the region and directly connect our students to the community.”

After visiting UWG’s campus, Marrero fell in love with the UWG community.  “UWG is indeed a special place, the physical beauty of campus as well as the energy and spirit of the students,” said Marrero.  “There is a general attitude of optimism and an excitement combined with the desire to fulfill its potential.”

The decision to accept UWG’s offer of presidency came quite easily for Marrero.  He said that UWG was actually the only position for which he applied.  “Nothing else was interesting or exciting,” Marrero said.  “It was like meeting my wife…I asked her to marry me on the second date!  It just felt right.”

Marrero said that he is excited about his transition to UWG and that he is anxious to get to Carrollton.  Marrero said that he has been very impressed with UWG’s facilities, staff and campus atmosphere.  “President Sethna, the dedicated faculty and staff have done an outstanding job,” said Marrero.  “UWG is poised for great things!”

Marrero is dedicated to continuing the legacy of UWG.  “I believe in the simple premise that we in higher education are in the business of transforming lives,” said Marrero.  “I am passionate about assuming the responsibility beyond the classroom…it is our responsibility to prepare you, the students, for success.”



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